From DAUDA R PAM, Maiduguri

The Theater Commander Operation Lafiya Dole, Major Genera Olusegun Adeniyi has debunk the claims that troops of Operation LAFIYA DOLE have withdrawn from their duty posts giving the access to Boko Haram who attempted to take over Magumeri and Gubio towns, explaining that theatre has change its mode of operations insisting  that  troops are still in firm control of Magumeri and Gubio towns.
The Theater Commander took journalists round Magumeri, Gubio and Jakana towns at weekend, said “where are the Boko Haram? We are here in Gubio town and we passed through Magumeri, motorists are plying the road and you can see our troops and normal businesses are going on in the two towns.. It is some politicians and some so call security experts that sat in the comfort of their offices that were making false claims.”
” We have change our means of operations, we have adopted new concept of Super camps and operating on wheels, unlike in the past where insurgents will just come and attack our formations and carted away ammunitions. We will not continue that way” he added.
He said “operating on wheels will give us the opportunity to respond to emergencies and reinforcements to distress calls from our troops among others”.
While addressing the troops in Gubio, Maj-Gen. Adeniyi said “let’s finish the fight and go back to our barracks. Nigeria is ours we should keep Nigeria together. We know it is sad that you are here come rain or sun shine but not to be deterred. We must work hard to ensure that Boko Haram is defeated. I know you can do it and God is with us. ”
In Jakana, the Garrison Commander 7 Division, Brig. Gen. Sunday Ighiomhia said “we have a new concept of super camp, we are operating on wheels, patrols and respond to emergencies. ”
He said “our troops are very ready and determined to fight to finish the war, with this new strategy our troops will, by the Grace of God end insurgency. I assured the residents of the northeast that we have not withdrawn and that they are safe, our troops are on ground”.
Our correspondent who was in Gubio and Magumeri towns reported that normal business activities were going on and military were seen in strategic locations in the two towns and their environs to ensure the security of residents and that right from Maiduguri motorists were seen plying the road, especially commercial drivers with perssengers going to Gubio .
Speaking in an interview a resident of  Gubio, ,Bukar Mala,said the insurgents came in four vehicles attacked the town, but they were not going to leave Gubio, as they don’t have any other place than Gubio their father land.The resident said ” we must resist any moves by the Boko Haram to send us away from our ancestral home.. You can see normal business is going on here. We are suprise to hear on radio that Gubio is in the hands of Boko Haram.”
Also a member of Civilian Joint Taskforce, Ibrahim Usman, said “the insurgents came about 5; 00am on Thursday until Friday 5; 00am and abducted two of their members and slaughtered on. We are not going to be deterred. We will fight until we win the war”



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