An Associate Professor of Sociology in the Nigeria Police Academy Wudil, Kano State, Dr. Umar Shehu Usman has identified the major causes of youth’s involvement in social vices in Keffi and proffered solution on how best to address them in order to have a safe and secured environment for the people.

Delivering a lecture titled “Curbing social vices among youth in Keffi town” during our  symposium organized by the Coalition of Keffi Youths and Students at the Assembly hall   of the Nasarawa State’s University Keffi during the weekend, Dr. Usman listed the causes and their solution.

According to him, one of the leading causes of social vices was poverty which often made parents extremely difficult to live up to their parental responsibilities as well as inequality or imbalance that is a state of unequal in the distribution of wealth/ resources and opportunities amongst members of the society an action that often leads to frustration and indulgence into crimes by the youths.

The University Don further identified the problem of illiteracy/ ignorance as another reason for their indulgence in social vices and also blamed same on lack of basic education and skills to fend for themselves, adding that the issue of lack of home training is also another area parents failed to live up to their responsibilities.

He also cited the roles of the mass media especially the social media which made it now easier for the youths to create and share any content or material around the world without any kind of hindrances or screening and most of what is shared on these media plate platforms are antithetical to our accepted norms, customs, tradition and values.

Dr. Usman maintained that the presence of Hostile economic situation in the country, Bad governance, proximity to the Federal Capital Abuja and the presence of the State’s University in the area have also credited some effects in the behavioural tendencies of some youths in the area.

Speaking about the consequences of youths involvement in social vices in Keffi, Dr. Usman stated that they lead to the destruction of lives and properties, lost of career by victims, creates problems of insecurity, bad family image and risk imprisonment.

Others include lack of respect by the society, create bad blood among the people, bad image to the town or society, risk mental derailment as well as general instability.

He therefore stressed the need for a comprehensive skill acquisition programme to equip the youth and boost their creative and normal capacities to become good and responsible citizens that the society would look upon for future leadership.


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