On July 23, 2019, President Mohammadu Buhari had forwarded names of 43 ministerial nominees to the Senate for confirmation. Already they have been sworn in and their portfolios given. Nigerians desire is to have a progressive agenda for the incoming ministers that will enable them perform optimally as they begin their tour of duty in harmony with one another to drive the nation towards growth in an atmosphere of enduring peace. Without any iota of doubt, Nigerians are desirous of having a template; that offers them the leverage to engage the ministers and to be able to track them on a daily basis so that they can perform.

There is no denying the fact that there is so much expectations tailored towards fulfilling the promises that were made during the electioneering campaigns, but largely if they are determined to succeed through making the marks that may have been lacking. With huge expectations from the people of Nigeria, attitude to governance in a nutshell, may have been a far cry that would propel them to make the impact that the country longs for.

The opportunity has been given, even as some analysts have lamented the poor representation of women, youths, and persons living with disabilities among the nominees. The point has been made, a situation that is also replicated in the states over time. Even though the tradition may not have been met, work has already started for the ministers. The task to move Nigeria requires dedication and collective efforts of the team to all citizens irrespective of their political affiliations.

A cursory look at the names that were formally cleared and assigned different portfolios had served Nigeria in various offices over time. They may not have given their best for the needed change for which this government rode into power; the experience therefore is such that it is time to walk and place Nigeria on the pedestal of sustainable development and hope for the people who continuously have yearned for such.

It is understandable for Nigerians to demand they are given the best, for far too long the country and its people have remained in the wilderness of having some of the best with stellar qualifications and served in some of the best positions in the state, federal and even international levels; but sadly are not able to deliver and change.

The world has been informed that the choice of the ministers was as tedious as it took the president a process to have come up with some of those he knows are in tune with his desire to make the long-awaited change. We are aware that questions have been raised on certain names, which may not be united with him to fight against corruption; a goal for which he has admitted can bring Nigeria back from the precipice of underdevelopment.

The fact that the country had to endure the wait to have this crop of ministers, these checks and the long selection process, is enough to give them an advantage of the trust and expectations of Nigerians of what is expected in the next four years. If the expectations are anything to go by, certainly the gong has been sounded; failure cannot be an option, succeed they must of their new assignments by going beyond talk.

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