THE decision by the Governors in the six South-West states to set up a security outfit code named Western Nigeria Security Network (WNSN) is highly commendable. It is also timely considering the prevalence of criminal activities in the zone and the country at large.

To say that insecurity is threatening the lives of Nigerians and those resident in Nigeria, is to state the obvious. Killings, kidnapping armed robbery, unrest etc. are the order of the day. In recent times, the North has suffered the harsh realities of Boko Haram onslaught, kidnapping (of recent), banditry, religious and ethnic, farmers and herder’s clashes.

The situation has wasted thousands of lives and resources, property worth millions of naira have been destroyed. A situation that dented the image of the country and further under developed the country. Rather than to allow the security situation in the South West to go out of proportion, the leadership in the South West decided to nip it in the bud. The  approval was given in principle by the office of the National Security Adviser for the zone to establish a Joint Task Force (JTF) to tackle killings, banditry and kidnapping in the zone.

Rising promptly to security challenges in one’s domain is what other zones should borrow a leaf. The past Plateau example where security matters were treated with kid’s gloves should not be allowed to repeat itself. Security means peace, without security there is no development. Any security matter of common interest should be handled squarely and with immediacy to safe life and property.

It would not be out of place for other zones in the country to follow suit  to beef up security in their domain which will in turn lure investors. It is however unfortunate that the North which is bedeviled by insecurity cannot key into this laudable initiative as one entity. The root of their problems is that they speak with discordant voices. Their problem stems from disunity which is tearing them apart.

The North has been retrogressive because a house divided against itself cannot stand. No wonder so many shoots are coming out of it. The most common is the North-East commission set up to handle the devastation meted to lives and property in Borno and environs by Boko Haram. The other one is the Middle Belt issue that has been in the front burner for some time.

Understandably, for progress to be recorded, the states must have a common ground. Doubtless to say, the North has a lot working against it that together they can defeat. The issue of Boko Haram, farmer/herder clashes, religious crisis, ethnic differences etc.

The modus operandi of the security network of the South-West  include exchange of intelligence and sharing of experiences for maximum performance which will secure the zone and create for their youths jobs, an action that will reduce criminal activities because those perpetrating in it will be gainfully engaged

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