The society warns that there is unknown validity and some known adverse effects with Intravenous GSH which include toxic effects on the liver, kidneys, and nervous system. The society adds that there is also the possibility of GSH causing Steven Johnson syndrome, where the top layer of the skin dies and is shed. This disease is considered a medical emergency.

The Council goes on to say that the  improper use of intraneaous equipment, especially if it is not sterile, can transmit a wide variety of infectious agents, such as HIV and hepatitis and such problems are more likely when an injectable treatment is administered in beauty clinics where this fad is primarily going to be done.

According to Dr Ruth Kava (A member of the Council) :

“To date there are no published clinical trials that have evaluated the use of parenteral [injectable] glutathione for skin bleaching. There are also no published guidelines for appropriate dosing regimes, or guidance for treatment duration when using this agent in this setting.”

Referring to clinical trials of glutathione by the FDA as it relates to skin bleaching, she adds that in the United States, the FDA warns that there are no injectable products approved to lighten skin. This means that all the sisters and brothers who believe that at last! they have found a harmless cure for their blackness are gravely wrong!.

No argument here but some people who are living in the bliss of their ignorance, will insist that the only side effect is that glutathione lightens the skin, which is exactly what they are looking for. Of course those who benefit from these ignorance are nodding in agreement, the corporations that have turned the glutathione bleaching industry to a billion dollar enterprise will not stop them. Endorinologists need clients to live, so while they may warn against the abuse of glutathione for skin lightening, they are not obliged to stop anyone from damaging his or her kidney and liver from an overdose while in the process of creating what the individual involved considers to be “beauty”. As the saying goes – “na you send yourself O”.

The law applies to the use of bleaching agents differently in different parts of the world. For example, hydroquinone has been banned in some parts of the world. In many countries, companies importing body care products are expected to indicate all the components of the body cream on the label. I personally think that where they have clearly stated that the cream is for bleaching, lightening, toning, whitening or whatever fancy name they may want to confer on bleaching or baptize it with, they must also be made to write the following:  “those who bleach are liable to die young”. Yes, if we can warn smokers why can’t we warn bleachers and educate them properly so that they know how dangerous the choices they are making are. For example, if a mother is bleaching and a father smokes, let their decision to possibly make their children orphans be well informed.

The skin is one of the body’s excretory organs. It is the biggest organ in the human body.It is meant to excrete waste and modulate the temperature of the body when the weather is too hot or too cold. Besides, it is the packaging that holds all the other systems together in one container called the body. The body has systems and operates like a machine and all the systems have to be in synch for effective functioning and good health. The skin also absorbs, that is why the chemical in the steroids end up in the blood and pollute the blood which is major part of the circulatory system. So we can say that the skin is living. When an individual choses to bleach, he or she is systematically destroying the skin, courting cancer of the skin or blood and a plethora of other terrifying diseases like onchrosis. The thing here is that the liver and the kidney, all parts of the excretory system meant to take out trash and toxins from the body, are also being destroyed along with the skin, when medication and supplements are used outside medically approved dosages. In other words and to put a finger on it squarely and say it in black and white, bleaching is self-destruction.

Some women tell me that glutathione has anti-cancer properties and cannot be harmful. The truth is that any form of substance abuse, even of antioxidant, is dangerous to the body especially the liver and kidney and the use of glutathione for bleaching is substance abuse. I will not mind those of you who would like to turn the whole thing into a classification exercise. I quote: “No! bleaching is not the same as toning O, and lightening is different from whitening O! I am not bleaching O.” Me   I say: “Bleaching O, toning O, whitening O, Lightening O, glutathione O, steroids O, hydroquinone O, and gbogbe O, Mercury O!  Orishirishi bleaching mixtures O, they are all the same and you are bleaching O!! Stop it before you kill yourself O! Ehem, see me see comic relief. Its funny how those who bleach do not like to be told that they are bleaching. Who you dey deceive, who send you?. If you do not like being told then stop it. You use to be dark and now you are as light as an Albino yet you do expect us all to believe that you are not bleaching? Ok, it must be Charles Darwin- you are mutating, sorry do not be annoyed.

On a lighter note, I particularly feel sorry for the men who go out to look for a light skinned woman and end up with a bleached one who tries so hard to pass herself up for an original yellow pawpaw. However, the tell tale signs always spoil the show- the moustache and the body odour. If she is trendy enough to use glutathione, one day the man go know. When she starts to spend his money on expensive glutathione shots like a cocaine addict. Five thousand naira per shot. I don’t know how often you will give her that. It depends on how well she wants to abuse it.

So Women, what is wrong with the skin that God created you with. I mean natural you. You are either dark naturally or yellow naturally. When a woman endangers her health to get a man, she is endangering only one life- her own. Bleaching your skin to become yellow guarantees only one thing in a relationship -Nothing. These men are funny, as soon as they find out that you are bleaching your skin to attract them or keep them, they start to ask themselves what else will you not do to get what you want and besides you could also be trying to attract other men. It becomes a mind game and your integrity is called to question.

So while you are endangering your health trying to be yellow because all the women around you, including celebrities, dignitaries, friends and enemies alike are doing it and denying it, maybe you may wish to consider the fact that cancer, kidney ,skin and liver damage are part of the package that comes with the bleaching trend. My friend calls it the herd mentality, when people all go in the same direction or when you follow the crowd whether it is the right way or the wrong way, just because you want to belong. Just because everybody is doing it does not make it right. It is better to be black and beautiful than to struggle with cancer, liver and kidney failure because you want to be “beautiful”. Be confident in your natural skin. That is true beauty and the real men know it. You can pamper your skin with natural oil like coconut and shea butter mixed together, Palm kernel oil, olive oil, Avocado oils, Aloe vera gel, almond oil, soybean oil, argan oil, sesame and even groundnut oil which contains vitamin E. These keep your skin beautiful, moisturized, hydrated, glowing and youthful. You can also use our black soap with a little lemon juice if your body is oily and breaks out. Otherwise, you can use it on its own. Do not use it with any chemical suggested to you in the market!.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This is why ugly women are getting married and the super- bleached out “beauties” are not wearing any man’s ring. Ladies, can we develop our character and personality more and do skincare as opposed to bleaching? That is the topic for another day. Stay natural, stay beautiful and healthy. It’s the best choice.

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