From  AMEDU JOSEPH,  Lokoja

The governorship candidate of Change Advocacy Party (CAP), Comrade Ismail Imam Umar  for the November polls  in Kogi state has called on the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mohammed Abubakar to as a matter of urgency order for the mopping up of  the illegal arms that had filtered into the state before the commencement of the  election .

Speaking with our Correspondent  in Lokoja over the weekend,  the governorship candidate  noted with apprehension the rate at which guns are being distributed across the state by the powers that be.

Comrade Umar alleged that “the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state has embarked on campaign of arms distribution instead of convincing the electorate for their votes”.

He further alleged that in the last elections, armed thugs were used to intimidate voters and snatch ballot boxes at polling units which were taken to unknown locations and fictitious results presented at various collation centres.

The CAP candidate also said that the INEC ad-hoc staff were equally harassed and in some instances kidnapped along with the election materials  .

The flag bearer therefore appealed to the Inspector General of Police and other heads of relevant security agencies to brace up and save the people of Kogi State from the impending onslaught that awaits them on the day of the election.

“Thousands of youths have been recruited and armed with weapons trained and placed on salaries in the name of vigilante groups ,” the governorship candidate alleged.

He also disclosed that the APC administration has appointed “Special Assistants” to the governor on election for all the polling units across the state.

However, the  candidate said  “CAP is set for the election despite the intimidation, threats and use of power by the ruling party as we have grassroots support and connections  . We are on a rescue mission to redeem the state of evil forces that had held the people of the state hostage for almost four years .

“APC’s four years rule in Kogi State is a disaster as the people , especially workers and pensioners were reduced to beggars and paupers who have lost hope of a better future due to delayed and non payment of salaries.”

He therefore promised that the CAP administration in the state will provide free education for women as well as free medical treatment for pregnant women and children from infancy to primary school enrollment age.

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