Starting September 10, 2019 when the Plateau Peace Building Agency inaugurated its Media Peace Ambassadors, it was apparent that the celebration of the International Day of Peace would address new developments and give vent to the fight to bring peace to the state. Rightly so, it took a dimension that gave everyone in the state and beyond a new understanding of the renewed desire to reinvent peace in the communities.

For the first time since its creation in 2016, the agency initiated to use different platforms for the celebration, and through which the different stakeholders would meet at a point through peace road walk, discourse, signing of peace pacts between peoples and communities, radio programmes and others such efforts that would facilitate the process of engendering peace. All of the programmes brought out some of the salient areas that have been swept under the carpet but which the agency regard as important in the contract that should be establish between the people.

We are aware that the one week event opened new vistas of opportunities at re-evaluating our humanity; a development that had since evaporated and left us at the mercy of crisis merchants masquerading as saints in the midst of people. The truth about the state and its people’s love for oneness cannot be obliterated easily, more so that there has been genuine need for reconciliation.

Talking about reconciliation between Plateau people and the diverse ethno-religious  communities where it has continue in the last two decades recorded deaths and loss of properties. Thankfully, the process of putting behind us the wave of violence experienced here and ensuring that such never occurs is the task that is encapsulated in the Agency’s Five Year Strategic Plan christened the Plateau State Roadmap to Peace launched last year by no other person than President Muhammadu Buhari.

That the Agency is working closely with several critical stakeholders here and all over to ensure that it delivers on its mandate of promoting peace through various initiatives such as advocacy, dialogue and education; is an indication that nothing can be more appropriate than the action it has put into achieving this plank, which is in line with the major policy thrust of the state administration of peace, security and good governance.

Despite the setback it may have experienced in the last one week of the signing of peace pacts in some communities, it must be understood that there is genuine need to want to live in peace. We therefore want to encourage the security to double its efforts; draw up concrete plans that would eliminate suspicion of the people about them; back the peace agency in its resolve to facilitate the process that would establish peace and development in the state.

In this wise, we will, like always appeal to all the communities to sheath their swords and engage themselves in all the opportunities that involve dialogue across all stakeholders. The peace efforts that the state desire must not be scuttle by enemies who have always waded in and reaped bountifully against the resolve to put a stop to the madness that has held us captive for long.

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