From Mohammed Abdullahi, Keffi

As Muslim faithful worldwide cross over to the new year of 1441 AH in the Islamic calendar they have been admonished to see it as an opportunity provided for them to re-dedicate themselves to the services of both their creator and humanity in general.

They have also been reminded to note that the period of the new-year signifies another milestone on their lives journey as it has brought another minus as such it should be seen as an opportunity to build a greater relationship with their creator.

Delivering his Friday sermon at the Central Mosque of the Jama’atu Izalatil Bidiah Waikamatus Sunmah in Low Cost Keffi, the Chief Imam of the Mosque Sheikh Dawud Yahya Abubakar described the new-year in the Islamic calendar as a period of sober-reflection and stock taking, saying that whosoever was opportuned to be among the living should see it as another opportunity to renew his dedication to his creator and his fellow humanity even though everyone would go only on  Gods appointed time.

Sheikh Abubakar who further used the occasion to caution the Muslim faithful against toeing the path of the devil through the engagement in various anti-social vice and all forms of crimes, stated that just as death has no calendars every responsible and right thinking faithful should take every second to be his last breath or time as it takes God no any extra effort to showcase his authority to everyone or people.

“The cross over to a new year in the Islamic calendar entails another round of opportunity to all the Muslim faithful to strive hard towards attaining spiritual excellence and building a greater relationship with their fellow human beings especially that death can strike at any time to  everyone without any notice or preparations” he explained

To the leaders, the Islamic scholar also reminded them on the need to always strive to live up to their covenants with both their people and creator, stressing that any disrespect on that would be met with all the necessary sanctions especially on issues to do with the entitlement, wellbeing, security and otherwise of the people.

He frowned at the attitude of some leaders who instead of discharging the responsibilities they swore to do and protect, engage in sharp practices with a view to reaping what they did not sow, warning that such leaders must strive to always live up to the covenants with their people as it is the best way of earning both their confidence and their creator who made it mandatory for the public office holders to see the position they are occupying as public trust.

He further admonished the leaders and even the followers against all acts of dishonesty or non fulfilment of their covenant, saying that this would push them into paying a greater consequences both from this world up to the next one.

On the issue of the two day fasting of the 9th and 10days in the Islamic calendar, Sheikh Abubakar admonished the Muslim Faithful to endenvour to do it giving its religious importance as directed by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) who stated that there are abundant blessings attached to it as such they should avail themselves with what he described the golden and precious opportunity.

He then used the occasion to offer prayer for the peace unity security and prospenty of Nigeria as well as for the God’s guidance to both the leaders and the led with a view to build a just and egalitarian society for the betterment of all and sundry.


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