From Musliudeen Adebayo, Ibadan

The Muslim Congress (TMC) has urged President Muhammadu Buhari, state Governors and other top government functionaries in the country to henceforth, take decisions that are based on decisive, dedicated and patriotic action plans rather than engaging in bigotry and mediocre.

TMC advised that these decisions when taken, would drive the nation’s socio-economic infrastructures to enviable heights.

The Waali (Chairman) of the Ogun State chapter of TMC, Dr. Ibrahim Ogunkoya made these declarations while speaking at the annual independence lecture of TMC held at the MKO Abiola Stadium, Abeokuta, Ogun State capital.

Ogunkoya while speaking on the theme, “Nigeria At 59; Time For Decisive Action”, said the choice of the theme was deliberate in order to x-ray Nigeria’s half-century-and-nine years of independence in a bid to taking practical steps in addressing challenges confronting the nation.

He called for mass and decisive actions against mediocre and bigotry.

“Nigeria has suffered major set-backs in infrastructural development, economic vibrancy and security advancement. These set-backs can be traced to a lack of focus on and sustenance of the country’s strategic development plan.

“It is high time the governments at all levels woke up to taking decisions based on decisive, dedicated and patriotic action plans that will drive the nation’s socio-economic infrastructures to enviable heights. The Federal Government needs to show more zeal and commitment in building strong institutions powered by strong and motivated people and also fortify our economy through its diversification and encouragement of foreign direct investments.

“We will draw a conclusion that clearly more than 30 years of our 59 years as a sovereign state have left us with little to celebrate and so much more to hope for. It is therefore safe to say that the most productive and glorious years of this country is no more than 20 years.

We lost our common patrimony to marauders, sycophants, cronies, brief-case contractors, liars, roadside technocrats, 419ners, killers, ritualists, drug barons, fake men of God, devilish “civil” servants, political Jingoists, boot-lickers, saboteurs and manipulators.”

In his lecture entitled, “Let Us Be Humane; Shun Bigotry”, Secretary General, Muslim Community of Oyo State (MUCOYS), Shaykh Isma’eel Busayri called on the ruling class, the elites, technocrats, religious community, ethnic group and international community to work in unison and adopt action plans to discourage bigotry and promote unity of Nigeria.

Busayri identified the strength of the nation as including twenty years of sustainable democracy, largest economy in West Africa, Youthful population, abundant human and natural resources, growing industries, decimating Boko Haram and combating corruption.

He identified endemic corruption, political instability, ethnic problem, high level of illiteracy, insecurity, inadequate and decaying infrastructure, death of industries, and brain drain, as the weaknesses that are hampering the further progress of Nigeria.

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