A passionate appeal has been made to the Plateau State Government to reconsider the harsh working condition of street cleaners in the state and review their monthly take home to a reasonable amount that would help meet the current economic reality in the country.

Member, representing Jos-North-West in the Plateau State House of Assembly Hon. (Mrs.) Esther Simi Dusu, made the appeal recently, while speaking to THE NIGERIA STANDARD correspondent, in Jos  the state capital.

The lawmaker said, “I think the aim of this programme was to wipe away the tears of widows by giving them  stipends having lost their bread-winners, but we have seen it lingered because now their take home is nothing to go near their needs.

“In my prayers, I really want a little uplift of the salary-Eight thousand, for sixteen years can’t be eight thousand after sixteen years. So, my appeal is that, I know the government is even aware of the plight of these women. The Government should raise this stipend if not the minimum wage, but maybe fifteen thousand that is my appeal to them.

“You see, with a lot or high level of crime in our society. What is the cause? It is because of the inability of parents to provide for their children and especially when you are talking about a widow with children depending on her with just eight thousand naira. We need to look into the plight of these street cleaners,” she appealed.

According to Hon. Dusu, “I don’t think there is anyone working in such harsh climatic condition like these street cleaners. If it is rainy, they must come out, if it is sunny, they are there; if it is cold they are there. In fact they go through the whole weather of the   year, be it harsh or whatsoever condition, but have little to cater for themselves or families.

It would be recalled that Hon. Dusu had recently forwarded a motion before the House of Assembly, praying for the review of these street cleaners from eight thousand naira (N8,000) to at least fifteen thousand naira (N15,000) or so considering the harsh working condition and the dire need to meet their immediate needs.

The lawmaker, who is also a women and knowing what these widows are passing through added that, a lot of them were passing through psychological trauma that needed to be attended to, to help give them hope and life-line for them to fair comfortably like any other person in the society we live in.

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