Miss Patience Joseph, one of the witnesses of the deceased Director of Stephen Center International, Rev Isaac Oluwole Newton-Wusu has apologized to her former mates, the President of the Concerned Past-Students of Stephen’s Children Home (COPASTECH), Nicodemus Baggi-Bawa and Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) for lying against them under oath in court.

SUNDAY STANDARD reports that the deceased director had filed a case of criminal defamation of character against NAWOJ and the concerned students before a court, but he died a couple of months ago. During the trial, Miss Patience had testified that the president of COPASTECTH gave her about 750, 000 to lie against the director of the school.

In her confession during the reconciliation meeting at the instance of NAWOJ and concerned past-students of Stephen’s Children Home (COPASTECH) , she narrated that all the allegations she made in court  against Mr. Nicodemus Ado Baggi-Bawa was false, unjustifiable and wrong, adding that he did not offer any money to her as was said by her even on air (Radio).

But with further investigation during the meeting, from the statement of Simon Pam Joseph and Patience Joseph who were both witnesses to late Rev. Isaac Newton-Wusu confirmed that all the things said were initiated in one way or the other either directly or indirectly by late Isaac.

Having tendered her unreserved apology to Mr. Nicodemus for tarnishing his image before the whole world, Patience also asked him to forgive her for lying against him.

Responding after the apology, Mr. Nicodemus said that Patience was a younger sister to him, therefore, whatever she has said against his person, he has forgiven her and also embrace her as his own sister.

Mr. Nicodemus also told Patience to always stand for nothing, but the truth wherever she find herself, because it was the truth that shall set her free.

Counsel to Miss Joseph and two others, Barrister, Omolowo Anthony appreciated Mr. Nicodemus for accepting the apology over the false allegation made against him.

Barrister Anthony said that on their own side as lawyers, they have been watching brief in the matter at the Magistrate Court in Bukuru.

He noted that he was going to get back to the chamber and have a conference discussion with his principal to see that they do the needful in court, adding that they would also liaise with the prosecutor and if possible, the lawyer on the other side, so that they would also see how they would equally do the needful in court too as far as the issue of settle out of court was concerned.

The Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) Plateau State Chapter, through its Chairman, Mrs. Jennifer Yarima expressed satisfaction with the reconciliation meeting which was done at the instance of the association, and stressed the need for them to truly love one another as young people.

Mrs. Yarima told them to also let by-gone to be by-gone because nobody  knows tomorrow, adding that NAWOJ would always work on the path of nothing but the truth in any matter before it.

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