THE People Democratic Party, Niger State is irked by the hypocritical statement credited to some senators and members of the House of Representatives from the state.

The PDP in a statement signed by the state chairman, Barrister Tanko Beji said it finds the lawmakers statement rather too little too late, that the federal lawmakers had to wait till the youth look to the road blockades, is an act of lawmakers abandoning their function of representing the people.

According to him, “as if to add salt to injuries, the lawmakers neither admonished, pressurized President Buhari nor Governor Abubakar Sani Bello who has become synonymous with no project but penchant for flying Jets and watching Chelsea FC in London.”

He added that the PDP cannot situate the statement coming from the Federal lawmakers, but sees it as playing the ostrich who hides his head in a shallow sand and leaving its whole body outside.

“It is very clear to the PDP and people of Niger State that the APC, Governor Bello and their party lawmakers have nothing to offer other than a sing along the cacophony of useless noise.” He further said.


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