IN SPITE of the general insecurity that has pervaded the Nigeria landmass, kidnapping of people of varying category has become quite worrisome. Every day, Nigerians are inundated with news of one kidnap after the other. Not contented with the deadly mayhem unleash on the citizenry by the murderous Islamic sect Boko Haram, armed robbery, militant onslaught in the Niger-Delta region, this new “criminal enterprise,” has sadly added to the (in) security narrative of the Nigerian state.

KIDNAP for ransom has suddenly become a booming business in Nigeria. School children, business men and women, armed forces personnel, clerics and even legislators, name them all, are not spared from the unholy acts of kidnappers. And they do it with much adore that the government seems helpless. And the citizenry be the hopeless victims.

OF particular note is that, the Kaduna-Abuja, Kano and pockets of some states in the northern part of the country have on record the notoriety of this evil act. We note for instance that, with the population density of a state like Kano, it is a ‘Safe haven” for criminals’ ala kidnappers. The case of Hamisu Bala, alias Wadume testifies to this.

WE find it patently funny that Wadume who was arrested and was being escorted to Jalingo, the Taraba State capital by operatives of the Nigerian Police suddenly disappeared courtesy of some personnel of the Nigerian army. So sad! It clearly shows that there is not synergy between or amongst the security apparatuses. Why should a serving army officer order the brutal killings of his police colleagues? Why should the officer be interested in a kidnapper like Wadume?

CERTAINLY, greed, avarice and the ultimate materialism must have been the driving force. But how much is worth the life of a human being? It is sad that those who are saddled with the responsibility of protecting lives and property are the same people circumventing same. Now that the said army officer has been identified and arrested, thorough investigation should be made and appropriate punishment be applied so as to serve as deterrent to would be accomplice of kidnappers.

WE view again with sadness, the usage of advanced technology by these criminals. Cellular phones are the prime means in which kidnappers use to get ransom from relation of their victims. More saddening are cases in which ransoms are paid, yet, the victim never survived. A typical example among several others is the Taraba legislator of which ransom was paid, yet he got killed. Definitely, kidnapping should not be the norm in Nigeria; it should out rightly be an exception.

WE challenge the Federal government vis-a-vis its security agencies to arise from their slumber to combat this cancerous social malaise in Nigeria. If Nigeria army’s Operation Positive Identification is really serious to fish out Criminals, why not deploy such a force to salvage the restlessness of Nigerians by combing the hide-outs of these entrepreneurs of violence and death?

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