Kids will always be kids and exhibiting their inquisitive, nosy, foolish and annoying tendencies is just a manifestation of who they are.

They can be annoying and tiring especially when you come back from a tedious days work to rest and they begin to bombard you with a lot of questions, stories and noise.

It is true that by their nature, kids will always talk and talk and talk without a stop given the opportunity or not until they are shut down and even if they are shut down, some will persist.

But if you are a parent that wants to make the best out of your child in terms of proper child raising and upbringing, then you need to give them a listening ear and try to listen to their nonsense no matter how tired and exhausted you may be because it could be at that moment that they are opening up to tell you an information that is vital.

There could be sense in what they are saying, not all the noise could be nonsense. All they need is an ear. They need to know they have a friend in you and they can count on you to listen and comment on what they have to say.

In school, they go through a lot of things, meet friends and do a lot of things and sometimes if you listen, they may tell you about some of these things.

After school, when they arrive home, what they say regarding happenings of the day could be useful in understanding if your child was abused, is afraid of a bully that is threatening his or her life, is moving with bad friends, needs help and counseling on an issue, is disturbed emotionally or needs your guidance and advice on what to do.

It may look like nonsense to you but a child needs to be listened to especially in contemporary times when there are a lot of challenges facing the child. Knowing he or she can talk to you is important or else if they realize you are not listening, they may turn to another person who is likely to be the wrong person.

Another danger of not listening is that the child will start bottling up things and it means you will no more have that free privileged information you are used to getting.

Children are usually tagged gossips because they like reporting everything that happens around them but the truth is it from those kinds of gist’s that you will learn if someone is trying to abuse them sexually, or if someone else has been abused.

We are in an era where sexual and other child abuse is on the increase and if you are not the listening parent, it is likely to happen under your nose. Based on a study conducted, sexual abuse is said to occur in children, male or female and it is a global health and human rights problem that that has been largely underreported and understudied in sub-Saharan Africa. Incidences of reported child sexual abuse are on the increase in communities.

Being vigilant as a parent to watch and know the kind of company your child keeps will help. You may not be a super human being to know everything that is happening behind your back but creating a good parent-child relationship is key; experts have discovered that children who have poor relationships with their parents are likely to be victims of sexual and other forms of abuses.

If your child feels so free with you to tell you everything or almost 90 percent of activities that happened to him or her during the day, then it’s a plus. Just squeeze a little time to give him or her listening ear, then it is likely that you will be able to detect any abnormalities; by asking further questions you will be able to know when some things are not normal.

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