KOGI Coalition of Umbrella Development Associations, (KOCUDA) has said that the ethnic polarization and animosities that have always bedeviled Kogi State at every turn of elections have made it instructive for all leaders of thought to start thinking differently of the future of this state.

This was a joint presentation by the National Presidents Dr. Adeiza Musa Abduirahman of EPA, Alhaji Abubakar Amodu Sadiq ICDA and Barr. Femi Mokikan ODA during the Kogi Peace and Unity Summit held in Lokoja, Kogi State recently.

The association noted that “Ethnic nationalism and mediocrity have become the Siamese blind to our unity, development and peace. Coming together therefore is an attempt to redirect our focus on development.

“We stand before you and the Government of the State to mark a landmark and historic event that will, if properly and effectively managed, be a turning point in our search for an enduring and sustainable formula that will reduce, if not totally eliminate the mutual suspicion that exist amongst our people, a mutual suspicion that has its foundation in ethnic nationalism and mediocrity. What we are doing today is historic in many respects. We are laying a foundation.

The association stressed that the objective of KOCUDA is to complement the efforts of the State Government and other bodies in the state in consolidating on the gains so far recorded in promoting peace, unity and understanding across the geographical divides of the state.

“This becomes even more imperative if we bear in mind that these associations, EPA, ICDA, and ODA, truly represent the aggregate interests and aspirations of their people.

“Our focus in KUCUDA is to continuously identify and pursue any agenda that will further promote peace, unity, and understanding amongst our various people in the state.


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