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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate for the  Saturday’s guber polls in Kogi state, Engineer Musa Wada, has promised to fix all infrastructure inherited from past  administrations that were either vandalised or left to rot away by the incumbent governor Yahaya Bello.

Wada, who made the promise during his round up campaigns in Lokoja noted with dissatisfaction the state of roads, health facilities, educational institutions at all levels including tourism facilities.

He lamented how a fast growing state like Kogi could degenerate so low in terms of development within three years, saying that the only solution to the colossal damage done so far is to halt the Bello and the APC administration by voting them out of office.

The PDP candidate alleged that hundreds of billions of naira have been wasted on trivialities without any project executed, citing the fictitious Ganaja road  fly over bridge” as example.

He also told the people of Lokoja not to lose hope as the city will soon regain its lost glory and status as a state capital if PDP recaptures the state, assuring that all shut down businesses will bounce back.

While lamenting the poor handling of workers welfare, Wada promised that payment of salaries will be a priority of his administration. He said the “erroneous notion that Teachers reward is in Heaven will be reversed and it will be here on earth”.

Wada therefore advised the electorate not to fear and urged come out on the election day to cast their votes for PDP, Wada as well as Senator Dino Melaye, adding that   “you will be protected and if anybody tries any funny game, we will match everything for everything..PDP is a peaceful party, but it doesn’t mean we will run away when they come out to intimidate us. We will face them equally force for force” .

Senatorial candidate of PDP, Dino Melaye whose election was upturned by the appeal court and is recontesting, thanked the people of Lokoja and Koton Karfe local government arras for the support they gave him during the previous elections that took him to the senate, urging them to vote for him again as he has never disappointed them .

Dino disclosed  that he executed 48 constituency projects in Lokoja local government alone, but alleged that agents of the government vandalised some. He told his supporters that all the vandalised projects have been

rehabilitated including schools, health facilities and water projects which the state could not provide for the people.

He also alleged that “the governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello wanted to claim some of my constituency projects as his achievements, but was promptly resisted by the benefiting constituents at Kabba.

The Kogi West candidate therefore urged the people to come out en mass to vote for PDP , Engineer Wada as the next governor and  himself as a returning senator.

He equally advised them to protect their votes by ensuring that votes are counted in their presence and escort the result to the final collation centre and leave when the final result is announced.

He lambasted Kogi state governor whom he described as a non performer for not to have commissioned any project in his four years in office , only flagging off project that he can not even start if given the whole ?decade.

In his remarks at the rally, former Senator and PDP leader in Lokoja, Senator Tunde Ogbeha congratulated the people of the four wards within Lokoja metropolis for massive support they are giving to the governorship and senatorial candidates of PDP Engnr Musa Wada and Senator Melaye respectively.

Ogbeha said that “ it baffles to see a town like Lokoja where there are no roads, yet the state governor bought over 1000 cars and gave to gullible and misguided youths to help him win election for a second term . Elections are not won by show of money alone, but should be propelled by concrete evidence of performance and achievements.

“ The achievements  of APC in  Kogi are purchase of Sienna cars, buses , and guns for the purpose of remaining in power to cause undue hardship to the people you want to sit tight on.” The former Military Administrator lamented.

Thousands of people besieged the venue of the rally at Anguwan Kura in the traditional area of Lokoja.

Prominent PDP bigwigs in the state including the National Publicity Secretary of party, Mr Kola Olagbpdion were in attendance.

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