The Executive Director of Girls Education Mission International, Mrs. Keturah Shammah, has called on Girls Childs Child to stand out and believe in their capacity to evolve and be focused in whatever they do to grab their lives’ opportunities to be what they want to be in future.

She gave the advice, Monday on the occasion marking the sixteenth commemoration of Global Day for Activism Against Gender Violence which started on the 25th November to the 10th December, 2019, sponsored by CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation, which marks Human Right Day, tagged; SPEAK-“I am Possible” , held at the PTIL Plaza in Jos, the Plateau State Capital.

She said, “I want them to believe in themselves just like the message that says ‘I am Possible’. These girls have dreams and visions that go unfulfilled because they don’t believe that it is possible. They accept the circumstances that tend to weigh them down from achieving their dreams.

“So, my message to them is for them to believe that it is possible. We said, they should always speak to themselves that it is possible and that, the possibility lies on me and it is just on my circumstances because my parents. So, I expect them to believe in themselves and stand out to face the reality of life headlong,” Shammah enthused.

THE NIGERIA STANDARD reports that, the organization has long been of help to so many girls and has been in the forefront of assisting many who are now University graduates with some as Civil Servants and the campaign is cut across the 36 states of Nigeria with 5 Countries in Africa, making them believe that “I AM POSSIBLE”.

On her part, Itswell Victor Habila, who is one of the beneficiaries of Girls Education Mission International’s gesture, thanked the organization for picking her from the dustbin and made her what she is today, saying “I almost gave up on education because of my family background not until when the Girls Education International stepped in gave me hope. I feel much fulfilled because I have my first Degree and I am planning to go for my PDG and subsequently my Masters.

Also, Mr. Danjumma Audeje of GSS Mangu, expressed appreciation to the NGO for giving him hope and promised to give back to the society and the organization to help others who in dear need of help like him when he excel in life saying, “ I am calling on all to not loose hope, but  believe in themselves  that yes, I am Possible”.


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