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Rev Fr Kalat Henry Suwanta, Assistant Parish Priest of St John Catholic Church Kudenda Kaduna, has said that the heart of the parish is the family.

He spoke as the keynote speaker at a seminar with the theme: “The Father as Catechist in the Home” which was a step down from the CMO Province to all Dioceses.

He told the audience that the family is the heart of the parish and bedrock of the society, at the Catholic Men Organization CMO Bloc of Kaduna Archdiocese CMO successful major Maiden One day seminar/Award event at the Holy Family Catholic Church Barnawa Kaduna on Saturday November 30, 2019.

He said, “We must understand and accept the fact that the family is the bedrock of the society we all live in. The heart of the parish is the family as nothing emerges from the sky. “The father as Catechist in the home makes you the priest, the bishop at home. Some fail to understand who the Catechist is. The catechumens are people being taught Catechism while the teacher of the faith is the Catechist.

He recalled how the Holy Father Pope Francis, recently lamented seeing a child struggling to pray, which is an indication of the fault from the children’s family.  He said there are two ways to teach a child, the formal and the informal. The formal way is by personally directing and teaching the child while the informal is by your actions and gestures which he or she watches in silent abuses by father and mother at times fight , thereby failing to teach them virtues.

He said some parents don’t know between wants and needs for the children such affecting the process of teaching children the faith of the church.

The event was preceded with Holy Mass which was celebrated by Very Rev Father David Jakos, Parish Priest of St Monica Malali, Kaduna and The Assistant Chaplain of Province.

In his Homily, Fr Jakos described the organization as instrument of evangelism. He said, “Nothing should deter you as united body, as you are instrument of evangelism. We are instrument of building the Catholic Church. We should remain focused. Our number should not discourage us in our Christ life. “There are some who will try to discourage us but we should ignore them. Jesus Christ who called us to CMO will not leave us, just as He said he will not leave us as orphans. Preach message of faith from home and  we will be successful in all that we do in our lives.

“ We should not be father  just to be distributing money at home only, because that is not the only responsibility on us. When challenges come don’t be discouraged as God has appointed you as a father and Catechist in the home.”

In his welcome address, the Coordinator of the CMO Bloc Bro Steven Ngorngor said, being the Maiden edition the retreat/fund raising event was targeted towards giving the CMO Bloc a solid base both spiritually and financially adding that, “by the grace of God we shall overcome all challenges through our expectations.”

“The Four —Man Exco that has piloted the affairs of this great Bloc over the years has through the Grace of God enlarged the membership of the Bloc from five parishes/chaplaincies to fifteen parishes and still expanding.

“We have recognized some individuals who have in one way or the other contributed immensely to the growth and development of the CMO Bloc in the Archdiocese and as well as in their respective parishes.

“Our aim is for the unity and growth of the CMO in general and the Bloc as a unit which is peculiar to this Archdiocese.” He said.


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