THE season is come! The season of fake news, fake drugs, counterfeits, name them! It would seem that the 4TH IndustriaL evolution (4IR) as manifested in the new and emerging technologies have created vast opportunities and flexibility in the life of 21st century citizens: age of knowledge, speed, efficiency, information super highway. It may as well be likened to Daniel’s age of knowledge, ‘when many will rush here and there, and knowledge will increase’.

THE twenty first century wired people, seem to be in a hurry, and only God knows to where. Technology seems to have brought a sense of speed: fast foods, a la McDonalds’, fast solutions to things, following fast information in the Internet which again connotes speed. It is therefore not difficult today to see fake soldiers, fake police, fake drugs, fake news and now fake professors in Nigerian universities; and as it were faking out a living out of some fake students or is it fake institutions?

LAST week, NUC Executive Secretary, Professor Abubakar Rasheed, announced the discovery of 100 fake professors in Nigerian universities, while in a retreat with Vice-Chancellors. This information has been posted to NUC website and sent to the various universities for verification.

THE NUC, a government commission promoting quality higher education in Nigeria, was established in 1962. NUC lists of approved by it, included 43 Federal universities, 52 State universities, 79 private universities as at the 2019. Even as Nigerians await the outcome of the verification by universities,   we commend effort by the NUC; we also hope that it is not being used to achieving hidden political agenda.

EDUCATION is the bedrock of all-round human development in all societies. The discovery and or presence of 100 fake professors in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions, is to say the least, very disturbing, as it is a big minus to the nations academic psyche. Education without morality, crushes the very primary goal of the system, upon which at graduation is echoed on being found ‘worthy in both learning and character’. In this case, fake professors leave the country in a double jeopardy.

WE would like to call on the engaging authorities, particularly in the universities, to as a result of this discovery, review its modes of engagement of professors/lecturers; it should be rigorous and painstaking. This, if not done well, will only be a waste of tax payers funds, as the institutions, would have lost the opportunity to correctly direct its scarce funds for maximal use.

HOWEVER, if NUC was up and doing, such a number should have been detected and nipped in the bud much earlier than now. We urge both the universities and the NUC to take advantage of ICT for checking and cross checking facts about its staffing.

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