Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State has expressed gratitude to God for bringing to an end the trial at the Supreme Court and affirming of his victory as the duly elected governor of the state.In a press statement made available to THE NIGERIA STANDARD in Lafia recently, the Governor said it was his personal conviction and firm belief that those who challenged his election victory in court were moved by patriotism and a sincere concern for justice to be seen to prevail and a genuine respect for the nation’s democracy to grow.

Sule adding that he does not consider himself as winner and do not see the opposition who challenged his election victory as losers.

“We are all one people, bound by the common desire to serve our people and develop Nasarawa State; I therefore thank the opposition for seeking a clear interpretation of the law as regards my election victory and by this action, expand the very frontiers of our democracy”,  he declared.

The Governor said that now that the verdict has been pronounced, there was the great need for the people to unite across party lines and join hands with his administration to work together for the greater good of the state

“Nasarawa State belongs to all of us and we are blessed with credible citizens and iconic personalities of different political shades and leanings who can contribute to the development and progress of our dear State”, he said.

He promised to carry all the people with open hands to join him in taking the state to its rightful place of destiny.


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