Life is worth celebrating in very sense of the word when you are successful as a son and have a father who is still strong and healthy at 90. It is also everybody’s prayer to have a father as a mentor that would be there for you no matter how old he or she may be to keep reminding you of the intrigues surround life itself.

Suffice it to say that Chief ( Dr.) Nanzing Nden, (The Danmadamin Langtang) no doubt just like any other child of his father, nurtured and trained to be what he is today.  As a child of destiny, he could vividly recall all the ups and downs days of his childhood and the parental care he received from his father. However, Chief Nanzing, thought it wise to give back to his community by celebrating his father.

To prove that show of appreciation to his father, he decided to immortalize him by taking up a project that would stand the test of time. He decided to embark on an electricity project to connect Pilgani Town in Langtang-North Local Government Area from Gazum of Langtang-South LGA, all in Plateau State.

His  father, Baba Nangil Nden, who was born in 1928 to the family of late Nishe Nden (Bongden) Wuyep, in Tulmi Community of Gani District in Langtang-North local government area of Plateau State is blessed with eight (8) children among whom is the philanthropist, Chief Nanzing.

Although, his parents were peasant farmers, but Baba Nangil, due to the economic recession caused by the 2nd World War, he left his home in 1948 to take up a menial job as a technician for a living in Gasher, Wukari in the present day Taraba State.

Luckily for him, Baba Nangil’s dream was further realized when his older brother, late Baba Joseph Vonkur Kumbin, invited him to join him in Vom in present Jos-South LGA. As the practice then in 1951 where mobility was a challenge, Baba travelled all the way on foot to Gindiri in Mangu LGA to meet his other brother, late Jonah Kumbin, who happened to be a technician, for him to be conveyed in a missionary van to Vom to meet Joseph, a Medical Superintendent at the Christian Hospital, Vom.

He was initially employed as a hospital ward steward at a weekly wage of 4 pence. As a result of his commitment and hard work, he was later employed by the head of the Christian Hospital, Dr. Banden, as a carpentry trainee on that same 4 pence per week. He was trained from 1952 to 1956 and subsequently retained until 1959 when he resigned to establish his own business.

Other feats he struggled to achieve out of hard work, included, the establishment of a contracting business, distributorship, farming in addition to his carpentry career- Nden & Sons which had fleet of trucks that plied the Langtang landscape in the 70s and 80s. He also established the Plateau Alliance which was responsible for the distribution of Jos International Breweries (JIB), as well as the Nigeria National Supply Company and others.

Unfortunately, the business later collapsed due to some government policies in the 80s and forced Baba to relocate to Langtang-South to settle for farming where he late appointed as member of the Langtang-South Education Committee. He was also among those who worked for the election of late Chief Solomon D. Lar to the National House of Representatives in 1959.

Hon. Nangil, in his political life was elected as a Councilor into the old Langtang LGC representing, Pil-Gani Ward from 1977-1979; State Treasurer of the Nigeria People’s Party (NPP) from 1979-1983; Member, Management Committee of Langtang LGC in 1984 and Langtang Local Government Chairman, on the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in that order.

Baba, got married to late Mama Damaris Mobap Nangil on the 29th of May the same year and the union is blessed with 8 surviving children, which include, Mrs. Selya Dashe Simon; Dr. Nanzing Nangil Nden (the Philanthropist); Mrs. Nannyil Takbam Job; Hon. Bintur Nangil Nden; Mr. Timkur Nangil Nden; Mrs. Changzir Ojie Frank; Mr. Nancwat Nangil Nden and Mr. Nantip Nangil Nden, respectively.

At 90, Baba Nangil has succeeded in building an empire of twenty-seven (27) grand children, seven (7) great grand children and five (5) daughter in-laws. Hon. Nangil and his brother late Jonah Kumbin, were instrumental to the training of Baba Amos Lapen, Baba Nuhu Nda and many other carpenters in and around Pilgani.

However, in honouring his father at 90, Chief (Dr.) Nanzing Nden, who works with the FCT Area Council Staff Pension Board as Director/Chief Executive, chose to honour his nonagenarian father to give back to his community by undertaking a milestone electricity project. He assured the people of Pil-Gani that, more projects that would have direct impact on their lives is still in the offing.

He thanked his friends and Non-Governmental Organizations for assisting him to achieve his goals saying, “Government alone cannot provide everything for the people, particularly at the rural areas and so, there is need for me to initiate such project”.

Some of the Kingmakers of Pil-Gani including the Ponzhi Gani and that of Bunu Gani described Chief Nanzing Nden, as God-sent to the people of Pil-Gani and Langtang land. This is because the people of Pilgani have been without light for over five years ago due some damage on the power that connects the town to the national grid.

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