CONCERNED by road traffic and deaths as a result of bad driving culture the popular Gradan Driving School Jos, is organizing a training for drivers in the   various organizations in Plateau State to equip them with modern driving rules and skills.

According to the Provost of the academy, Evang. Daniel Idakwo the training becomes necessary in order to take the drivers through the new rules of defensive driving, roads canning, convoy driving etc in order for them to stay  alive while carrying out their official engagements.

The training is also engage to the drivers on the fundamental concepts of road injury prevention, the impact of road traffic injury; the main cause and risk factors for traffic crashes, and  effective intervention strategies.

Evang. Idakwo said the key driving topic include defensive driving techniques, common mistake in vehicle handling, why over speeding is dangerous and how to stay safe and alive while driving in a vehicle saturated environment.

According to him there would be assignment of the drivers which would include the driving ability of drivers in their organizations, equip the drivers with knowledge of managing the vehicles in and out of office amongst others.

On the importance of the training, he said it is to expose them to good driving culture, confidence in plying the roads at any given time and make them reliable drivers.


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