A FEW weeks ago, I Learnt that some girls from Jos were involved in filming  pornographic movies and it went viral. I did not watch that video. I refused to watch it because I was saddened by what I had heard. Of Course, there were criticisms and condemnations from all quarters and I believe that if some people had their way, the girls involved would have been lynched. I did not watch the video so I ask the question. Is it verified that these girls are actually from Jos? If they actually are, what led to this? .

We live in a society that frowns at pornography. It is alien to our culture as a people. As such it is something that people watch in private and it is often acted out by foreigners. It is something closely associated with prostitution and waywardness in our society. So if this be the case, what happened? What led these girls to take part in acting a pornographic movie? Were they paid to do so? Did they know that they were involved in a pornographic movie? There are many questions begging for answers. Let us say yes to these questions. If they knew what they were doing and were paid to do so, if indeed, this was a deliberate and calculated movie, then we should as a state, start worrying fast.

I have had the good fortune of travelling wide and everywhere I go, when people ask me where I come from, I am quick to say Plateau State in Nigeria with a sense of pride. Those who have lived on the Plateau often have something good to say about the women. They often say of how beautiful and well behaved Plateau women are. I once met this Igbo man who came from abroad and indicated his interest in marrying a woman from Plateau State to me. I asked him if he would go on to marry a woman he barely knew if I found him one and he said yes. This is the reputation I know that Plateau women have. So now that Plateau girls are being featured in commercial sex movies, I wonder if this will not have an adverse effect on our collective reputation as well behave women. But let us forget about self for a while. We all have a failings in different areas of life so for that reason we must go beyond the sex movie and ask ourselves one basic question. What Happen? Why?


Generally, I find that this days the level of morality has fallen. People do not cringed much at what used to be very appalling. Christianity seems to be holding morality by a thread because it has even crept into our churches .So who will raise our girls to be women of high moral standard? .Personally, I think that the responsibility of raising a child, especially a girl child lies heavily on both parents. A parent should be able to educate a girl to hold herself in high esteem and respect her body. Basically, if the right values are inculcated into a girl-child at the right time which is as early as possible, they become a part of her forever. So this is a failings on the part of parents and the society at large. When did Jos or Plateau State become a fertile ground for producing pornographic movies?


The prevalence of poverty is exposing the youth to an array of criminality and self –abuse in the name of making money. When a young Lady or a young man graduates from the University or Polytechnic after seven years for a four year course, his life-span is affected. Let us say that she went into the university at the age of 22 and graduates at the age of twenty seven. The companies that advertise jobs often,are guilty of making the entry age very low, let us say twenty six. This graduate goes for youth service of another year and is 28 when she reaches the job market thanks to numerous strikes in the Universities. The job market in turn cuts them off using age. This young people go from pillar to post looking for Jobs. Their parents have invested a lot in their education and are unwilling to continue sustaining them due to the fact that they have other children to take care of and are waiting for them to get jobs and contribute in helping out financially. Now, what exactly do we expect this young graduates to do? How are we contributing as a society, in turning some of them into porn stars?

This scenario is just one out of many that exposes our young ones to vices. The pornographic movies producer, identifies poverty and desperation in women, he is more likely to prey on them with promises of money. If the poor girl is desperate enough, she may not have the presence of mind to weight the consequences of her actions. She may moralise this behavior by comparing it to other vices. She may programme herself into focusing on the end not minding the means. This is a very delicate phase of her life because the consequences of her choices may live with her forever. This is also applicable to the young men.

A stitch in time saves nine. Lately, I read of how pedophiles have turned the Gambia into a Peado paradise, coming into Gambia for holidays and luring young children as old as seven and less into their beds sometimes with the participation of their parent because of the excruciating poverty in their society. Children are paying for the price for their families to feed. I was beyond wounded. In the past, The Gambia was a hot spot for wrinkled old European women who wanted younger grooms. I was there once. I saw it for myself. They would come into the Gambia and take these young men abroad. Now, this trend has graduated into pedophilia, with the Gambian government seeming helpless because those arrested always end up being released. These  pedophiles also have their Gambian agent.

From the foregoing, commercial sex and pornography and the entire commercial sex industry requires an enabling environment to strive. It therefore, means that the government has to empower the social welfare department to do more than they are doing now before Plateau State becomes a heaven for pornography.

There is a need for the age barrier hindering young people from getting jobs, to scrapped and scrapped completely.this is exposing the young to a lot of vices. after graduating, if young people cannot apply for the available job, what do we expect them to do. They become prey for the hyenas of the world. When we allow these types of spoken or unspoken policies to exist, we expose our young. It was 419 before, now it is graduating into pornography. I hope that the Government at the State and National level will take this seriously before Nigeria will become another The Gambia. Where are the Empowerment Programme the Government has been talking about?  I would be happy to see a university curriculum that also encourages vocational training. there is no law that says that law students cannot take tailoring as an elective. Let us start designing our educational curriculum in more creative ways and same goes for the labour markets and its many barriers using age. In fact there should be a legislation scrapping that. Discrimination along the lines of age in the labour market should be stooped and the yes should have it!.

Parents, please keep an eye on your children and be more supportive of the young man and woman who have nothing to do and very little hope of surviving in this harsh economy. I think that we should act quickly and nip the problem in the bud before we become another the Gambia. A stitch in time saves nine!!!.



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