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The Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN), Sokoto Branch has engaged   the process of registering its office clinic with the Ministry of Health, Sokoto  being the only known Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that has Clinic in the state, the Clinic Officer, Hajiya Hafsatu Halilu has disclosed.

In an exclusive interview with our Correspondent in Sokoto, the clinic officer said the exercise is an advantage not only to Sokoto but also to both International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and Nigeria (PPFN) Abuja.

This she said will make Ministry of Health to always recognize and include the Sokoto branch of PPFN in any of their activities that boarders on Family Planning maters, health care and child spacing programs, activities and other related matters in the state.

She also disclosed that the PPFN, Sokoto Branch Volunteers’ Chairman and the clinic staff have met with the Director, Department of Inspectorate Division of the Health Ministry and that everything is now in process for the Registration Exercise.

On the progress so far made within the year 2019 and late part of the year 2018 the clinic officer said these includes fencing the apartment attached to the office acquired by PPFN.

Other, she said include fencing of all the premises, renovation/repairs of the roofing and ceiling, creating connection doors between the extension and the main office Building.

On what PPFN stands for, Hajiya Hafsatu Halilu said PPFN main goal among others is family planning, strengthening health outcomes for women and children, handling morbidity and mortality cases and prevention, where possible.

Others, she said reduction of maternal and child mortality among marginalized and vulnerable women, especially adolescent girls and their children.

Hajiya Hafsatu, when pressed further said the specific aim and objective of PPFN includes, to improve delivery of quality essential health services to Women Of Child Bearing Age (WCBA), adolescent girls, new Borns and children less than 5 (five) years living in poverty with high vulnerability, a goal which was scored late part of the year 2018.

She also mentioned the improvement and utilization of essential health services by Ward Birth Attendants (WBAs) and the training for family planning which so far 850 CBHVs have so far been trained by the Sokoto Branch.

Hajiya Hafsatu expressed joy as men in the state Sokoto, have wholeheartedly embraced PPFN Ideals as the male champions do reach their male counterpart by providing them with information on Maternal Neunatal and Child Health (MNCH)/Family Planning (FP)/Reproductive Health (RH)/Adolecent Sexual Reproductive Health (ASRH) through sensitization Talks at event places including mosques, during naming ceremonies and football events or sports generally.

Mostly, Hajiya afsat Hafsatu added, “outreach activities which were carried out by 100 women groups to reach communities with Maternal Child Health (MCH) / Family Planning (FP) and the male involvement.

It could also be of utmost important to note that the trained Child Birth Attendants (CBAs) activities resulted to the increase of male involvement in Maternal Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH)/Family Planning (FP)/Reproductive Health (RH)/Adolescent Reproductive Health (ASRH) which she said went well because the Health facilities in Sokoto witnessed increase in client flow.

That it is also on record that some men often escort their wives to access the PPFN Health Services at the Sokoto Brach clinic center facilities.

On the things that did not work well, Hafsatu expressed little sadness that delay in releasing of activity funds do hinder PPFN from conducting some activities especially that of the year 2018 i.e. within this Press Reporting period.


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