PLATEAU State, the “Home of Peace and Tourism” has once again been taken back to the dark days of senseless attacks on innocent communities around the state which leaves much to be desired.

THE state which is a miniature Nigeria before now, has been enjoying a wide peace and security which enemies envy with passion resulting into organized destruction of lives and property with reckless abandon.

MOST recent attacks on Kulben in Mangu Local Government Area and most recently in Kwatas, Marish and Ruboi in Bokkos Local Government Area which claimed many lives and property of innocent communities and citizens alike destroyed.

SUCH attackers are referred to as herders or suspected Fulani militiamen. Whichever way they are described falls under the same category of militants bent on cleansing communities from the grassroots with the sole aim of occupying the land not belonging to them.

IT must be admitted that the marauding Fulani mercenaries operate with the connivance of local alliances who expose the weaknesses of such communities for unwarranted killings. Therefore it must be on record that the battalion of militiamen are kitted in military camouflage, armed with sophisticated weapons and back-up with vehicular maneuvers to carry out their heinous acts on unsuspecting communities, killing human beings with no sense of feelings.

IT must also be noted that the invaders normally send letters to communities to be attacked, and in most cases, the act is actually carried out. The question is, who are these brave enemies of the Plateau communities, are they within or without do they move their weaponry in the air, certainly not.

RECENTLY, the former FCT Minister and the last Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant, Lt. Gen. Jeremiah Useni (rtd) visited the affected areas of Mangu and Bokkos affected areas where he commiserated with those still alive and urged them to be resilient and strong in all their challenges.

He told them not to vacate their ancestral homes, but should remain alert at all times to thwart efforts of the marauding terrorists rather than waking up to count losses of attacks.

THIS visionary disclosure is quite a welcomed development and a clarion call to all Plateau communities to rise to the occasion of protecting their lives and property. It should be on record that nobody should expect any protection from so called authorities who seem to be part of the mess-up It is time to stop calling on the Federal government for protection, the body language speaks the uppermost.

PLATEAU people should rise and support the current moves by Governor Simon Bako Lalong for clamping down on the Ardos and community leaders who under their noses these acts are perpetrated. He should go head-long after them until the truth is revealed, as this is the only way we can retrace our background and forge ahead with our development as a people.

WE are under a democratic rule,  and every government must make the protection of lives and property sacrosanct and not to be complicit in perpetrating simultaneous killings of local communities, the time to act is now!

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