THE  Plateau State House of Assembly (PLHA), has expressed concern on the enforcement of law, banning the use of motorcycles, popularly called ‘Okada’ or ‘Going’, around some designated areas in Jos metropolis.

In a motion moved by member representing Langtang North constituency, Hon. Daniel Napon listic also drew the attention of the House to the activities of tricycles, also known as (Keke Napep).

It would be recalled that the use of motorcycles or ‘Okada’ for commercial purposes was banned in some parts of the state some years back.

Hon. Listic expressed fear that the tricycles which ordinarily should serve as a reliable means of transportation has now become a source of security threat in the state.

In his wards: “People have boarded these tricycles or Keke Napep and have gotten killed in mysterious circumstances. The drivers have also become known and associated in aiding the activities of kidnappers.”

“Others have gotten either their bags snatched away, or money and valuable items stolen just by boarding a keke, while motorcycles said to  have been banned in some major roads and areas have suddenly resurfaced everywhere with no one to check and caution them.”

He was however, quick to blame the agencies and authorities concerned for  not checking excused of these people who are said to have come in from neighbouring states where the ban is fully enforced and operational.

He also noted that most of the drivers are not from Plateau because according to him, investigations had shown that many of them do not even know or cannot find their way around the metropolis and have had to on many instances ask passengers for directions.

Hon. Philip Peter Dasun, member representing Pankshin North Constituency and seconder of the motion agreed in totality with Hon. Listic’s sub-mission that security was one thing that is on the decline in Plateau State.

He maintained that the law on the enforcement of motorcycle ban be revisited, while admonishing people to be more security conscious at all times and be careful of which motorcycle or tricycle they enter.

In their separate submissions, members who spoke called on the relevant agencies to ensure the registration of all tricycles in the state for proper documentation. This will also regulate an put a check on their activities.

They pointed out that in as much as there are those who genuinely use this tricycle as their source of livelihood, compliance with the law must be key. They must however, be made to keep to the designated areas and adhere to the time of operation.

At the end of all submissions, it was unanimously agreed by the House that most tricycle and motorcycle operators constitute a nuisance to society in most cases. They have caused so many accidents which have led a lot of people to their early graves.

Thus, authorities and agencies in charge must wake up to their responsibilities in making sure that drivers or operators registers comply with the rules and laws guiding their operation.

The Hon. Speaker, Ayuba Abok in his prayers and resolution, called for the enforcement of the ban on motorcycles and regulating of the operation of tricycles in Jos metropolis.


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