THERE is no gainsaying the fact that Nigeria, the self-acclaimed giant of Africa is under siege. The security challenges encapsulating the country have simply become overwhelming. From the activities of the ungodly Islamic sect Boko Haram, dare-devil armed robbers, unknown gunmen, incessant banditry to notorious kidnappers amongsts others, Nigeria is definitely on the precipice.

NEEDLESS to say, the Nigerian security apparatuses have been doing their best at least within the scenario they found themselves. It is a knowledge fact that, while the Nigerian Police are saddled with the responsibility of maintaining internal security, the military are tasked with facing external aggression. But within the present insecurity bedeviling the nation, the military have been dragged into maintenance of internal security. that is sad because it is not the norm.

WITH many lives and properties being lost on daily basis across the country, the citizenry have become despondent, worried and hopeless. The believe seems to be as if governments at all levels, but particularly the Federal Government, are incapable of handling the security challenges or the are simply complacent. Either way, the Nigerian citizens are the worst for it. It is because of this precarious situation, that there is now intense clamour for community policing, a kind of resort to self-help by the citizens.

WE believe that, community policing can effectively complement the duties of the conventional security apparatuses. It was done in the past and it is being practiced in some communities at present. Vigilante groups have served as effective antidote to crimes in various communities. what is needed is training and adequate support from the various communities. Agreed, it is the onerous responsibility of the government to safe-guard the lives and properties of its citizens, it equally behooves on the citizens to act.

IN tackling the high rates of criminality, their hide out or point of operations must be discovered and decisively dealt with. For instance, the activities of motor cycle riders popularly known as “going” and those of Keke Napep must be scrutinised. There should be an inventory, proper identification and documentation. This will go along way in tracking those involved in criminal activities. furthermore, owners of uncompleted buildings should be advised by the government to hasten the completion or risks forfeiture because, this has proven severally to be criminals’ abode and theatre of operations.

WE therefore believe that, ward heads, chiefs and community leaders are vital in enhancing the safety of the people. After all, these leaders know virtually every member of the community. Needless to say, the work of the community police or the vigilante does not hamper that of the conventional police and its mobile arm. It only complements it .

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