THE  incessant killings in the country is on the increase on a daily basis. It is very worrisome as lives and property of citizens are not longer secured. A recent attacked in Auno a community near Maiduguri, State capital on 9th February, 2020 the Borno which claimed more than 30 lives by the Boko Haram sect leaves many Nigerians bewildered.

Are the security forces really on top of the situation? Nonetheless, as a result of this dastardly act, President Muhammadu Buhari on arrival from the ECOWAS Summit in Addis-Ababa, paid a condolence visit to the state and commiserated with the families of the victims of the Auno attack. Thereafter, the supposed leader of the Islamic sect Boko Haram Abubakar Shekau had the audacity to warn President Muhammadu Buhari after his visit to Maiduguri, never to step there again. President of the Federal Republic? Shekau spoke in Hausa saying “Don’t return to Borno again” assuring that his men were fully on ground in the North-East and they would attack the President, if he visits Borno again. Shekau boosted that Buhari only came to Maiduguri pretending to be a good man warning that he (Buhari) should never try it again.

It would be recall that, this is not the first visit of President Buhari to Maiduguri since the advent of the deadly activities of Boko Haram particularly in the North-East region. Why is the warning coming now from the supposed Boko Haram leader? The sect-leader has reportedly given conditions for the release of the Chibok School girls one of which is that the school girls would be set free on the grounds that the Federal Government let go of his sect members that are currently under detention. Needless to say, in April 15, 2014, the sect group “Boko Haram: abducted about 276 female students from Chibok Girls Secondary School. Since then, Boko Haram has released few and has retained others including Leah Shaibu, who was abducted from Dapchi, Secondary School alongside others who have since regained their freedom.

In addition, on the day of Buhari’s visit, restive residents of Borno State turned their anger on the President , by booing him. Booking of the President obviously came as a result of the spate of Boko Haram attack in the state. In fact, come to think of the body language of President Buhari after 3 weeks of his inaugurations as the 15 President of Nigeria in 2015. Buhari went into serious meetings with the service chiefs at the Aso Rock Villa to work out modalities in order to address the security challenges of the country. He gave order to the then, Director of National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Alhaji Mohammed Sani Sidi for immediate reconstruction of destroyed Borno communities after Ramadan fasting in 2015.

The Borno State government were to collaborate with the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to reconstruct the destroyed communities that were burned down by the terrorist group. Therefore, in an effort to combat the insurgency in the North-East, Buhari gave a directive for the military command headquarter to relocate from Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to Maiduguri, Borno State where the President believed that, the presence of the military is needed to protect lives and property and to fight the terrorist group out of the country. This was a welcome idea to most citizens of Nigeria, as they saw it as a step in the right direction, haven been an ex-General that ruled the country during the military era.

Furthermore, President Buhari toured five (5) neighbouring countries namely, Niger Chad  Cameroun Republic, Benin and Togo Republic. In respect to the joint collaboration to fight the insurgency within the West African sub-region. These steps led to the establishment of the Multi National Joint Task Force (MNJTF), among these countries to combat the insurgents group. The concept attracted donation from the United States of America (USA) and other nations in support to step terrorist groups out of Africa.

Buhari’s pragmatic steps attracted the attention of the internationally community which earned him respect. It was no this ground that Buhari was invited to a meeting with seven (7) wealthiest nations (G7), Germany, France, United Kingdom, (UK), Italy, Japan, United States of America (USA), and Canada, to discuss on key issues on global economy, foreign security, energy security, development policy, empowering self employed women on vocational training. The (G7) leaders discussed on how to focus on African development and to assist in fighting the terrorist activities in some African states, including Nigeria. At the (G7) meeting, President Buhari, made an appeal for assistance, to enable him fight fifth the “Boko Haram” in his country.

Again in the African Union (AU) summit that was held in South Africa in 2015, where Presided  Buhari, President over the Peace and Security Council (PSC) meeting, he observed that the African continent is being faced with conflicts in diverse forms and encourage African leaders to equally do the needful in giving hope to the hopeless. More so, the desire for change brought President Buhari on board, because of Nigerian desire for good governance.

In furtherance of his desire to stamp the menace of Boko Haram out of the country, Buhari continue with his bilateral relations with other countries to strengthened democracy in Nigeria. It was bilateral that, in some key decision that President Buhari ought to have acted immediately, in on effort to make sure that, Boko Haram group were fought to the end, and in addition to the support he got from the international community, such issues were not handled with the expected alacrity. It then means that, the citizens are disenchanted with the government not acting very fast to solve the security situation.

No doubt, the President’s credibility depends on his quick decision as a leader to be decisive on critical issues, more so, on security challenge that is devils the country. His  it is decision and actions would shows, Whether he is able and capable to carry his people along, and to gain the public support in his leadership style. The residents of Borno State booed Buhari: on the grounds that, they were not happy about the killings of the innocent lives on a daily bases by the terrorist group Boko Haram. The booing signifies clearly, the hand writing on the wall that Buhari is fast losing support particularly in Borno State which has always been his stronghold during elections. It happened in 2015 and was replicated in 2019.

It was therefore, a thing of great concerned to the residents of Borno state, because of the successful operation by the terrorist group on 9 February, 2020, that claimed the lives of 30 people and abduction of women and children in a raid.  The terrorist group reports indicates stormed in trucks mounted with heavy weapons, killing, burning and looting before kidnapping women and children.

They (terrorist) targeted travelers who had stopped for the night at a gate. Many of the drivers and their assistants who were sleeping in the vehicles were burnt alive prompted the Nigerians Army last year launched a new strategy that, Nigerians saw them (Army) withdrawing its troops from remote areas to a so-called “Super Camps.” Nigerians want to know the meaning of the “Super Camps” and the withdrawal of armies from remote areas.

Similarly, to address fundamental national problems, which have placed the national  and economy, we need a pragmatic approach. According to Ayo Opadokun, “without a round table to Iron out our issues, the country would forever remain in crises. Therefore, any country that harbours terrorists would not more forward in development for the presence of terrorist cripples economic activities and a institutions   investors away; learning in,  becomes a ghost town. Again, service chiefs and others hand of security agencies should take security matters seriously and also be updating President Buhari on a daily bases to know the actual position of the nation Nigerians want a pragmatic leader that would take important decision and action immediately to safeguard the lives of Nigerians, because the situation of insecurity in the country is getting out of hand. God bless Nigeria.

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