Here’s the thing, you may need to avoid this post if you woke up on the wrong side of your bed. Talking about waking up on the wrong side, I’m yet to discover the right and wrong side of my bed.

Moving on.

Over the years, I have been thinking about the things I hate about “Rayfield” socially. You would agree with me that most social activities/events/hangouts in Jos happen in Rayfield and it’s regarded as cool when you say, “I stay in Rayfield”.

So recently, I started noticing certain things I hate cannot stand about Rayfield and decided to share them with you.

Feel free to add yours in the comment box

Club Regular VS VIP.

If you’ve ever clubbed in Rayfield, you would notice one thing, everybody and their stepmother wants to be in the VIP section. Once there’s a barricade and a bouncer before it, that’s where everybody will squeeze into, with little or no space for dancing or farting. (Picture the VIP rooms downstairs at Varlaine)

In most cases, to communicate with your friends in the same room, you have to either chat on whatsapp or SMS.

I used to think that the whole idea of clubbing is to relax, socialize and dance a little but these people dress up at home, drive the distance and sit in the club. It’s okay to sit in the Cinema but not in the Club throughout the night nursing a cocktail.

Isn’t it sad sitting down while they play all your favourites songs? Why do we put “perception” first before “actual living”? I just can’t!

Event VIP.VVIP vs Regular.

We’ve accepted the fact that all events taking place in Rayfield must have a VIP, VVIP and regular stand. We’ve also noticed that putting the VVIP/VIP section right in front of the stage dulls the excitement required by performing artistes.

People just sit down instead of move or dance during performances. I’ve been trying to figure out why someone will not encourage a performance after paying so much. Believe me, for a good show, put the regular stand close to the stage forget the Rayfield attitude.

Beer Parlour before club.

Have you noticed that in the pursuit of “to belong”, many non-Jameson drinkers automatically love Jameson in Rayfield clubs? First of all, they will find a beer parlour to drink beer to their satisfaction and then step into the Club later to order a bottle of Jameson in the crowded VIP section.

I like the “We must belong” attitude sha. Imagine when you are earning N120, 000.00 a month and every Friday in a month, you will be buying Hennessy for N30, 000.00. Don’t hate jor. It’s the Rayfield way or do you want us not to be allowed in the VIP section? I know I may not have captured the things you hate about Rayfield socially so I would be glad to read them in the comment box.

Let’s have fun and learn.

Over to you

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