It’s 9:00 pm, the champions league song has just started, the only time a lot of men worldwide are deliberately early to an event. Their favourite spots with the best banter are always chosen for derby games. What is football without watching it with a supporter of a rival team?

Everyone has a method of watching the game. It’s fashionable for others to do it with a bottle in front of them, and for others, a large crowded room with the electrifying replica of the stadium.

Those who bring their girls wearing matching jerseys to watch, one day y’all have to tell us why and how you do that.

If you’re supporting Arsenal, you’d most likely need a care support team as well. I personally think the comparison between Messi and Ronaldo is unnecessary, we should be happy to have had them both play in our era.

The Covid19 pandemic has really caused us a lot of grief. Just imagine what happens when Liverpool tries to win the league. We really needed an act of God on this one. Last time it was Gerrard, imagine it taking a virus to stop you again. Liverpool needs to walk far away.

If you, however, watch football and don’t know Peter Drury, you should just stop while you’re ahead.

Anytime I hear “Peter Drury is in the box”, I no longer just watch football, my listening skills becomes enhanced. Some call him “the poet”, others call him “the modern-day Shakespeare”. The intonation, the energy, he has a way of infusing his words into the screams of thousands.

Remember the Barcelona Vs A S Roma game? Read this in his voice, “Roma have risen from their ruins. Manolas, the Greek god in Rome. The Unthinkable unfolds before our eyes. This was not meant to happen. This could not happen. This is happening. Barcelona extraordinary,, Eight minutes from elimination. Di Fransesco does not know where to go. Iniesta does not know where to look. It is a Greek from Mount Olympus who has come to the seven hills of Rome and pulled a miracle”.

Reliving this just gave me goosebumps. My all-time favourite Peter Drury quote has to be when Jesus was Substituted for Silva, and Drury said “Jesus for Silva, a move Judas will be proud of” I felt that in my chest.

Some of His other famous quotes include: “Jesus denied, denied and still yet denied. Manchester is red tonight, but not by His blood” Manchester Derby.

“Once again Peter denies Jesus” Arsenal V Man City

Gabriel Jesus scores from a cross, “Jesus heads home from the cross”. This man has to be on a different word reality.

“Sterling had no one to feed but Kane…. Kane had nowhere to be but offside.”So far offside he was almost in St Petersburg” If I was Kane, I’d have a word with Drury after this game.

“Rakitić! And Russia, dissolved into tears; as Croatia’s cream rises closer to the top. A heap of Croatian joy, but Russia’s long summer loving, is painfully over” ~ Peter Drury. #WorldCup

As we miss the game, we must remember not to be reckless. I anticipate that when the game returns, Drury will have some post-pandemic words for us. Not assuming, but He might Say: “10 yards from the quarantine area, Jesus does a coronary on Hart sending him into isolation, absolutely pandemic”.

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