Unlike The Crop of music talents Making the rounds today, Musa Aminu, popularly known as Whxz stands tall not only in Size but also in longevity which can’t be questioned by any Critic as he remains one of the pioneers of what music is today in the Jos hip hop scene.

His sojourn into music began in his early years as a kid, while growing up and making admirable tunes from pre made records, listening to tupac, Boys II men and all sorts of sounds that rocked the 90s. This actually fomented the urge to make his own record haven’t seen and faced neighbourhood competitions, seeing the act, as one that can generate an amiable source of income and freedom of expression.

The African troubadour combines elements of rap, and afro among other international influences, in his music.

His philosophy defines his songs. In order to convey his own cohesive vision. For Whxz, music became about inciting physical, emotional, and spiritual change with nothing more than a beat, a melody, and a smile.

“Making music started of as an attempt to mimic the kind of music I liked to listen to. This later evolved into a much deeper purpose as I would used my writing as a means of escapism as a troubled youth. Then music would become a means of expression for me at a more stable stage in life.”

“My creativity had to be sharp to consistently come up with songs on the spot that reflected the emotion of my situations. I had a responsibility early on, and I realized music could make you cry, make you dance, or even change your life.”

In a way to push his musical career and also support other hardworking artistes in the country, Whxz launched out a movement called “Kxngshxp” which led to his joint project with Swiss, an 18 tracks Album titled ‘Kxngshxp’. One of the most brilliant effort ever in the history of Nigerian Music that gave him some strategic placement in the Creative industry.

Whxz has worked with producers from the likes of Mr Seth, Halley Panam, Tommy Shields, Charlie, Lah Scientist and Earl Hickey to the likes of Young Willis(Willis give den), Geekbeatz, king Pablo,Tom-toms, Scrilla and many more.

Some of the artiste he has worked with thus far are, Terry Tha Rapman, OD, Ill Mastah Chief, Pizzo,Payback, Real Solo, Swiss, Kriss Killz, Ill Spike, Deep Thoughts, Bizakeem and many more artists across several genres.

“I entered 2020 with two EPs on my laps, still I feel I have a lot more i can do as the year unfolds. I am working on a collaborative albums with 2 producers and also plan to do a sequel for one of the EPs. Accompanied with another Kxngshxp body of work in collaboration with Swiss.”

Whxz is more than your average artiste, A man of character, humour with talent. One can only expect nothing but paramount take over from this legendary bundle of talent.

His much anticipated EP ‘A Muse And A sonic Space’ is dropping this month, April, 12th. Watch out.

Note: The EP Pre-Order link will be out few days before 12th. Anticipate!

TWITTER: @kxngwhxz

INSTAGRAM: @sonofbasquiat

FACEBOOK: kxng whiz

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Whxz Is Nigeria's Next Biggest Rap Asset After ShowDemCamp

  1. Yea,I actually knew he will definitely become prolific as we were once school mates and used to perform on school stage during social nights. However,some of them advanced with the dream while the rest of us pulled back.much respect to you bro,and I wish u more Grace as you continue to put in more effort.cheers.

  2. Wow.., I just can’t imagine how happy I am after listening to this fantastic song.., more grease to ur elbow bro

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