A lot of citizens called the Government to react to the cases of Covid 19 in surrounding states by closing it’s borders. As our elders say, “if the beards of your brother is on fire, you douse yours before the flames come close to you.”

It is in this line that the Plateau State Government ordered a border closure, and to it’s utter dismay, smugglers now started smuggling people in to Plateau State which necessitated a further response from the state.

The State has upon security and health recommendations ordered a week long lockdown starting from 12 midnight of Thursday 9th April to 11 pm of Wednesday 15th April.

On the recommendations of professionals in the ministry of health, fumigation was proposed to be carried out during the lockdown. The effects of the fumigation is said to last for about a month, and ASTC will be spearheading the fumigation exercise.

And as all preemptive minded people will say to law breakers, Smugglers and covid spreading humans, “your move.”

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