Beauty is personal.

Beauty can generally be termed as anything that is pleasantly captivating and attractive to the eyes and heart. While the modern nation has given beauty a standard, nature still remains undefeated.

The beauty through make up is an artificial means of creating illusions of beauty, makeup is an unreal representation of beauty. Beauty in its real form, differs from person to person, culture to culture, society to society. Beauty is dynamic.

There is no original standard of beauty. The idea of beauty today takes its glory from ancient Egypt, and it has taken its seats in the hearts of the gullible. All thanks to art, and the media.

In India, the goddess of beauty is an image of a big woman with a big belly, but trust me, if that image should be recreated today, the goddess will be a nice tall hourglass lady with heavy makeup a bikini.

The concept of slim, tall hourglass beauty is a direct image of the Egyptians ladies. The eyebrows pointed nose created with bronzers, eye shadows, eye lasses and the cat-eye image. Illusions are created, far from real beauty.

Makeup is a mental painting of unreal beauty. The real beauty is the one that just came out of the shower.

To be continued…

Written by Lahmi

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