Guys, guess what? We found out ways to get you in that woman’s bed more often. Ways that’ll ensure that you get laid more than you ever used to and what’s more? With the woman you love doing it with.

First, listen, be attentive and be responsive. Remember what your mom taught you about how to be a man? The part where you listen carefully and follow the right path? Yes, that part is needed under the sheets. When you touch your woman, listen to her moans, her response and find out what she wants and how she wants it and most importantly, when she needs it. Be timely and be skillful about it as well.

Don’t keep asking questions though. The idea is to carefully listen and keep doing what she wants and not to keep asking her every second “do you like that?” “Am I hitting that spot right?” This bores women faster than being forced to watch as football game. You’d be almost making her scream “just do it”. Nobody wants her chatty man on top of her, shut up and do your business.

Also, do not focus on the nipples alone. Or the Clit. Some men have assumed a woman’s nipples is the only sensitive part of her body. This is not true, there are loads of women who don’t even get turned on when men tease their nipples. Yes, so this goes to say that there are other “important” spots that you need to discover as a man. How do you discover? You find out by searching. For instance, the boobs itself turns most women on more than their nipples. The sides are sensitive as well, so pay attention to those.

Incoporate kissing into the whole act. For most men, when they kiss during foreplay, they just focus on the sex itself and forget about it during and after the act. Here’s something new to learn, when you kiss before, during and after the sex, it guarantees you a next time. Women love kisses, for them it is a bonding moment and it is more performance during sex. so imagine when you give your woman as much as she needs? She’d look forward to the very next time.

I know of men who are very much sex driven and who have this amazingly great sexual life and who constantly want to add spice in it with their spouses. The problem most times with these group of men is, they do not know where to draw the line between sex and rigorous exercises. Women who are as sex driven as males, don’t even want to go through energy draining and “life threatening” sexual encounters. Some men see some interesting sex position while watching porn and try to incorporate it in their sexual life. That is porn guys, this is real life. Women love to enjoy sex. No woman wants to rush to the next chemist to buy aboniki or start looking for a professional masseur just because she made love to you. Have it easy. Don’t try everything you see before you hurt someone.

When some guys go down, they get so turned on or maybe fascinated by the clitoris that they begin to tweak it or chew it in a bid to desperately turn their partner on. Stop it! It isn’t chewing gum neither is it some sorta game pad where you push the buttons anyhow. Be gentle. It is a woman’s body part, never forget that. Be easy, watch her, listen to her to know if you are doing it right before you continue. She would give you the keys to the kingdom every other time after that if you just know how to do it.

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