Blame it on the women magazines and some porn videos, a lot of women now have the wrongest ideas about “jazzing” it up in the bedroom.

It is a good idea to want to please your man in the bedroom by trying out new things but how sure are you those new things won’t turn him off?

-The fifty shades style: Okay you probably just read the book by EL James and you somehow think being Ana and your man being Christian Grey is the way to go. Then you decide to get all dressed up while yelling extremely rude and nasty words while you get into business.

Slow down. This might turn him off immediately.  You know why that is? A man who loves his woman hardly wants to bang her like a bongo. All he wants to do is make sweet love with her. Yes, it can get a bit steamy sometimes but not extreme please.

-dressing up: you probably have read it somewhere that dressing up and role play is good. Well, it is.but when you have a lot going on from head to toe simply because you want to look like a sexy kitten, he might just be turned off before he’s done getting you out of that costume.

You know what a man loves? A ready nude woman. If you must be dressed up, how about a sexy lingerie?

-teasing the nipples with your tongue: most men do not get turned on by having their nipples teased. So if you keep licking and teasing and doing what not with it everytime, they just might lose interest in the act.

-comparison to exes: or some other past sexual partner. Maybe after you are done you say “you are way better than my ex..” “You are hotter than my ex…” The fact that you bring it up makes them wonder if all through the act you were thinking about someone else and it just doesn’t make them feel good.

If you liked it say it, do not compare them with anybody. That’s not flattering, its a turn off.

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