Why are women constantly complaining and frustrating themselves about guys? We have all heard the term “I hate men” or heard one girl crying about a guy but why does it have to be like this?

For most, if not all women the final chapter to any serious relationship is marriage. In our early years of the dating life, we are meeting different kinds of partners with different angles and objectives. Here are some of the guys you have probably encountered:

The player (the guy with multiple girls texting and calling him, he leaves you feeling insecure about the relationship but his “loving” is your weakness. You feel lied to and cheated on but it’s hard to walk away)

The next door neighbor ( the guy you have known since almost birth but you probably see him as a brother figure more than a boyfriend)

The sweet guy ( the guy who whispers sweet words into your ear and makes you feel all warm inside, he knows all the right things to say and do. You know he will always be around because he really likes you, so you friend zone him and keep him as back up to experience some of the other kinds of guys)

The bad boy (the guy you know isn’t technically good for you but you love his edgy, adventurous side and feel that if you love him; he will calm down and remove that bad boy mentality and do something useful in his life).

The older guy ( the guy who isn’t in your age group, your friends might even joke around saying he is your uncle. (Don’t mind them) An older man can show and teach you how to be more mature. The good thing about most older men is that at this point in their life, they have SEEN IT ALL!! They want something serious and they aren’t one for games. They are more stable and can do things most guys in your age group can not, I’m not talking about sugar daddies!)

Have you read the list? Have you encountered at least one of the following guys in your dating life? Are you single or not happy in your current relationship? If you answered Yes to any of the questions OYA KEEP ON READING!! 

The PROBLEM isn’t that there aren’t any good men out there it’s the fact that we are picking the wrong ones. Dating is good! If you do it the RIGHT WAY, meeting different types of guys so you will eventually know what you want. (How will you know vanilla is your favourite ice cream if you haven’t tried other flavours?) Dating different type of men will allow you to realize what you want in a man, picking and choosing traits you would like to obtain in a lifetime partner.

P.S when I say dating, I don’t mean sleeping around.

In every person’s stage of life, they start to think about the future, family, children and marriage unfortunately that stage comes sooner for women than men. Once you know what you want in a guy, if you meet a man that doesn’t have those qualities, KEEP IT MOVING no need to waste his and your time on some thing you know is only temporary.

REMEMBER THIS: There’s 1 universe, 8 planets, 204 countries, 804 islands, 7 seas, 7 billion people in this world, there’s no reason for you to be single.

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