Grab your writing materials and note the kissing mistakes not to make.

-Don’t “eat” the other party. Do not use your tongue and teeth while kissing and please limit to the mouth and not the chin and nose. Sloppy kisses are for puppies not humans.

-Dont shut your mouth. Yes some people kiss tight lipped. Apparently, they believe it is much of a kiss like the normal kissing style. It isn’t. Kissing should be your lips and tongue engaging the other person’s lips and tongue.  When you barely open your mouth then it is certainly not a kiss.

-Do keep your breath fresh and clean. Don’t kiss anybody while your breath isn’t clean. Bad,  bad, bad.

-Don’t be clumsy. Don’t knock your teeth over the other person’s. Be calm, take your time and be easy. Except you’re having a kissing competition about the fastest and most ferocious kisser sha.

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