Not so weird really. These things are very normal and regular and every woman does it from time to time, sometimes without even realizing it.

-Shutting him up while you make out; or make love. Whenever a man is a bit chatty during sex, when their woman shuts them up with a kiss, it increases their level of “horniness” and turns them on even more.

-Being in charge; taking control and being the boss lady just makes a man get more interested in the act.

-Knowing what they want without them saying it; when a woman does what a man is thinking without him uttering a single word, it makes his senses alert and turns him on faster than the usual.

-Flirting;  yes,  flirting with your man. A lot of women think flirting ends when they’ve got the man. No. When it is done during the relationship, it spices up the sex life and leaves you both the room to try various new things.

-Being spontaneous; for instance, when a woman is all dressed up to go out and then decides to suddenly give her man some, it is exciting and you know, a turn on.

-Toned bod; especially a flat stomach.  It is sexy, it is hot, it is in every way a turn on.

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