*SIGH* The kind of conversations that come up on Facebook sometimes. LOL.

So yesterday evening on Facebook, the conversation came up on whether or not a woman would marry a man who made N50,000/month. Some of the comment I saw yesterday were super interesting from those that said “they can never marry a poor man” to those who felt some kind of sympathy for those who earn that amount. From the guys, most were of the opinion that it shouldn’t matter seeing that his salary is not permanent.

But some of the funnier ones were those who couldn’t imagine anyone making N50k/month. Funny because a great percentage of Nigerian earn less than that, especially seeing as minimum wage is floating around N30k.

Some things to keep in mind in this discussion,

1. Just because someone is earning 50k now, doesn’t mean something better can’t come up in the future and provide him more income, so this salary we see now is temporary. Everyone in life starts from somewhere

2. It’s all about living within your means. Entering bus, eating at buka, shopping at Balogun market etc are not beneath anyone finally.

3. There’s something to be said for coming through life with someone through the low times. But then again, maybe these days those things don’t matter.

4. Some people are used to a certain lifestyle already, and will not be so thrilled about going “backwards”, and you can’t really blame them.

So with all these things in mind, we ask:

Ladies, Can you marry a man making N50k/month right now?… Guys, Thoughts?

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