When you hear that Whxz drops a project, you go buy it, because it’s the right thing to do; no questions asked. And that’s exactly what I did. So, here’s my thought on Whxz’s “A Muse And A Sonic Space” EP.

Like fine exotic wines or caviars, Whxz is an acquired taste. He’s a sound that demands exposure and appreciation for a wide range of music to instantly catch onto this rapper. Known for his omnivorous recording habits and unconventional flow and delivery it’s logical how he has come up with a range of distinctive tracks like black petunia and naija for sale all generating significant buzz to their individual respect.

“A Muse And A Sonic Space” is a bold genre-pushing statement of artistic anxiety, however, you can look at it from different angles: as an outgrowth of rap’s (or a rapper’s) artsy ambitions, an afro-rap fusion tied together by one voice, or simply a confident, adventurous, upstart boundary-pushing rapper demonstrating an ability to infuse modern hip-hop and afro-pop forms with a sonically audacious spirit. Whxz intentionally or not defines his own lane owing to his style, short sprint deliveries and a unique laid-back flow.

One year later after his joint project with Swiss, He’s back with A Muse And A Sonic Space, an eloquently expressed product of musical introspection that reveals the growth of both the man and the musician at the centre of the project.

Swirling, expressive, poetic, lush and bursting to the seams with its influences, A Muse And A Sonic Space is that record you didn’t know you needed, a warm embrace and a journey of love. The disc houses some of Whxz’s most impressive song writing and he stretches himself, perhaps in the ever conscious bid to stake out more fans for himself.

The rising expectations that came with the release of Whxz- A Muse And A Sonic Space, is the dream of both an unsigned hype and an upcoming artist. It’s a feat to be emulated and respected across many levels. Whxz’s versatility and consistency marks him out of a flock of MCs as one to be found on the threshold of hip hop for a long time. Despite the short track list, the rippling effect A Muse And A Sonic Space caused in the industry cannot be ignored or denied. But it’s only through a track by track appraisal of the whole EP that we can get an in depth understanding of the triumphs and limitations of the work of art galvanised into the rhythms of an EP that so moved us. I was told, you wouldn’t read this but your interest and commitment to alternative genre and music in general is the reason behind this writing. I believe you’ll read it in its entirety to have an informed opinion that would be valuable to us all.

Whxz has mastered the art of channeling his story into a beautiful piece of art, and because of that we’ll also attempt walking this review in story mode.

Love is beautiful, it’s like being in paradise….

When you are lost in the sauce, you can do nothing about it. Seems like Whxz is lost in the sauce, he is lost in Paradise and he’s going no where. A beautiful way to express the love he has for his woman. It’s beautiful to see a man adore his woman, you can feel the happiness through the songs even though you are not in love; you’d want that feeling.

1. Agata Ft. Bizakeem: In every journey, there is always a first step. Starting off the EP, Whxz takes the first step and shows us the way the EP will be going. He raps about a girl he likes and his infatuation with “Agata” A girl of his dreams he managed to conjure into reality. Solid song. Good way to start the love EP.

2. 5pm In Mombasa Ft. KrissKillz: What’s next when you love the ways of a woman, and everything about her? Going after her is the best thing if you want to keep her. Whxz arranges a rendezvous at 5pm in Mombasa with Agata to solidify their relationship. What a lover boy right?

3. Hypnaughtic Ft. Bizakeem: Now this song can literally make a girl wet… Yes! I saw the effect on few girls i played the song to, it turns them on. You know there is that one girl you set your eyes on at the club, and you will fall in love at first sight. As a real man, you walked up to her to tell her how you really feel. She looks like magic, setting the mood right, Thats exactly what Whxz did, after meeting her in Mombasa this is what he has to say in his lines “You love the touch/you love the stimulation/in the situation i’m working your body gracious/ I got a craving i’m eating your body tasty” then you hear “I can make you quiver the river will start flowing/ The night is young /and Forever is till loading” and ‘Forever’ is the next song. Follow me…

4. Forever And After Ft. Bizakeem & KrissKillz: Love is crazy I tell you. Whxz continues to express his love to this one particular girl. I don’t have to mention that this track is so soothing… This Love for this particular girl is very strong. So strong that we get a part of matrimonial declarations. I’m just imagining the type of woman she is. Whxz is truly hooked on Agata. Bizakeem and KrissKillz on the track makes it even more lovable. Good production also.

– What a sweet love story right? He falls in love with Agata, they arrange a rendezvous in Mombasa, he is enchanted in her presence and expresses his affections to her hypnaughtically(Sexually); Still love stuck by her, the Love was mutual, they are lovers, but his love for her is very strong; he keep saying it, promising her forever and after. What a good story line *chuckles*. This might not be Whxz’s plan on the EP, but it’s my interpretation.

If you ask me, this is a classic.

Some of the high points on this EP are, the amazing collaboration with Bizakeem and KrissKillz, they are among the present set of newcomer afrobeats singers who have shown a unique ability to inculcate their undeniably seductive blend of heart-melting vocals with urban Naija-pop sounds to devastating effect.


A Muse And A Sonic Space is a tour de force in contemporary rap not only in Africa but throughout the global afro-rap community. It is a work of art that is worth the rave reviews it had garnered throughout the media and a demonstration of lyrical ingenuity that sets the bar for other artists especially upcoming rappers or those nursing ideas of an EP.

With A Muse And A Sonic Space I believe Whxz has displayed the desired creative leap I expected of him at this point in his musical voyage. Special praise also has to go to GeekBeatz whom I think was an inspired choice for producer of this EP. Obviously a master of his craft, Geek showed a very good understanding of Whxz and his style of music and they made good world class music together. I heard effort, musical depth, and a passion for excellence on this EP. More so, the EP fosters music appreciation and musicianship.

Not meant to last forever, nor outstay its welcome by even a fraction of a second, The EP ends just as soon as it hits a peak. You could decide to mourn the brief running time of the record and wonder at what could have been had the record went on longer, but it would be a disservice to the time just spent soaking in the entire fabulousity. Brevity is the soul of wit and this one lives up to its promise completely.

This EP is a must have, period.

Take my word for it. Cop this EP here.


Peace out mortals.

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