One would think that in the year 2020, with technology and the availability to information, the knowledge about the libido of a female child, would have reached all and sundry. Alas, the opposite is the case.

Circumcision for male children has a biblical meaning. Parents who circumcise their male children, are often parents of christian faith. The reason behind this, is that the father of Faith: Abraham, entered into a covenant with God, by circumcision. It was a means of declaring his obedience and submission to God. Hence the tradition of circumcision among the people of the Christian faith.

As interesting as this act of covenant may sound, some Christians do not still circumcise their male children. They base their argument on the premise of not being Jews. They say that Abraham was a Jew, and when Jesus came, he came to save the lost: Jew or Gentile. They have argued that there was no where he said that the Gentile had to be circumcised to enter the kingdom of God.

In all these, not all male children are circumcised in this age and time. However, some people who still do, do not base their action on any religious purpose. They base it on health purposes. Several research has proven that male circumcision significantly reduces a man’s risk of acquiring heterosexual HIV.

As much as the world is canvasing for gender equality, one thing that should not be equally done is circumcision. Female circumcision is known as FMG. That is, female genital mutilation. According to, FMG means “piercing, cutting, removing or sewing closed or all part of a girl’s or woman’s external genitals for no medical reason”.

There are many effects of FMG. Some include: constant pain, pain and difficulty having sex, repeated infection, bleeding, cysts and abscesses, problems peeing or holding pee, problems during labor and childbirth.

Therefore, one can conclude that there is no reason for female genital mutilation. However, the act is still being practiced till today. Women who still mutilate their female children’s genitals, argue that the reason for doing this, is so that they can reduce the sexual urges in their female children.

In a women’s group on Facebook that I stumbled upon, the subject on circumcision was raised and many women agreed that if female children are not circumcised, they would begin to have sexual urges from the age of five. One even said that although she doesn’t enjoy sex in her marriage, because she was circumcised, and only moans to make her husband feel good, she intends to circumcise her own daughter, because according to her, it was the reason why she remained a virgin till marriage

More often than not, traditions, customs and methods are formulated and practiced to reduce how a woman should feel sexually. Sex should be enjoyed, felt and expressed by everyone: both male and female. This idea, that a woman should not feel sexually alive is archaic, wicked and unacceptable.Let every woman enjoy sex, let every woman be free to enjoy sexual pleasure that was freely given by God, without any charges.

Also, these talks about a woman not being able to control her sexual urges, if she is not circumcised is all a myth. And at age five! That an uncircumcised female will start reaching out to men to touch her so? No! that is ridiculous and absurd, because if we follow this narrative, then we are ridiculing the fight against rape and sexual abuse. We are giving pedophile offenders an excuse to continue perpetuating their evil. We are letting them say: “I touched her, because she wanted it. She wasn’t circumcised, so she came on to me”


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