Seytondash Studios prolific artistes, Tanzeel stays consistent in the music scene as here they bounce-back with a new single titled “Broke And Famous”.

In a saturated music industry, where lewd lyrics and cacophony is norm, Tanzeel with a unique style of music continues to rise up the ladder of reckoning and regard.

“Our journey is a subtle blend of the seen and the undisclosed, the old and the new, African vibes and international sounds.”

For Tanzeel, music “gives the opportunity to explore different themes and ideas. It enables one to push messages through a platform that is universal; that works.” 

As is clear from their lyrics, music for Tanzeel is first about good messaging but also about sweet melody.  They regales their audience through the art of skilful storytelling embellished with good lyricism and delivery. Their music which is transcendent speaks to diverse topical issues, from love to fame, money to societal ills, etc.

Born in Nigeria, Tanzeel’s Broke and famous works a dynamic duo with their nation of origin, influencing their unique blend of African and international motifs in the creation of their music. Tanzeel’s music is cross-cultural, cross-continental, and truly delights music lovers from diverse continents.

Tanzeel are sophisticated, thoughtful, idealistic, dynamic and inquisitive; attributes that endear them to their core fans.  

Broke and famous is a great song, a refreshing mix of sweet melodies, strong dance beat with provocative lyrics, guaranteed to make you groove. Produced by Haske

The song drops with a Brilliant and colourful Visuals designed by Seytondash Animations (@Seytondash_cgi), as preamble to more singles and hopefully an album.


You can contact them on:
Twitter: @Tanzeel_Official, Seytondash Studios (@seytodashstudios)

Live within your means no matter the situation, it will save you a lot of headache.

-African saying-

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