The Plateau State Government has deployed CCTV across it’s borders to monitor incidences of border breaches which has become rife during the border closure.

The DG of PICTDA Mr. David Daser on his Twitter account informed that:

“Official: We now have CCTV cameras displaying major borders in Plateau state. Next phase is building a robust process with the security handlers. What we have learnt from the video feed is that lockdown is the best way to enforce border closure. #COVID19Plateau

In the coming days we would conclude on a proper security process while looking at the borders from the situation room. As a thing of policy we may also crowd surveil. Get everyone to help up watch the border through their phones.”

Information reaching us is that the cameras are fitted with night visions and are expected to work 24 hours daily.

This is a feed from the Riyom border as at this afternoon today.

With live feeds from the situation room, we are hopeful that our borders will be respected at this dire moment to stop the entry of the Corona virus into the state.

We now understand better the difficulty of Border closures, and call on us all to be responsible for our communities.
Unless we take responsibility and comply, we are all at risk.

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