Mr. Murph is no doubt a household name in Nigerian music, and since his break into the music scene in 2005, it has been all the way up for the singer.

The Murphious boss has reached every milestone you can think of in the Northern music industry and with a strong listening fan base, Mr. Murph can be arguably called one of the most successful Northern artistes ever. He has established himself as a major record label boss, set foundation of successes for other music artistes and can as well boast of a whole lot of other achievements.

But with all these achievements put together, there is still one thing that undermines Mr. Murph’s status as a largely successful artiste; and that is his shyness from having a go at the international market like some of his colleagues have done and still doing.

For someone of Mr. Murph’s status, it is expected that he should if not consciously to a large extent but at least to a little-much degree establish himself as a huge name outside the shores of Nigeria. Like Bella and Yung L, Mr. Murph should be one of the movements that takes away African sound from its comfortability to the mainstream.

But it really has not been the case as the “NO PRESS SPOIL” crooner seems comfortable with the level he is on which in turn makes him shy away from the works that would bring him some level of international recognition. While the likes of Whxz and KrissKillz are hitting great numbers on streaming platforms worldwide, the case has not been the same with Mr. Murph who prefers to target the local market here in Nigeria. Even artistes that are way not up to Mr. Murph’s level are doing great numbers internationally.

Mr. Murph in his glittering and lengthy career that has produced countless projects, not had a tour and not done a major show in Nigeria is really shocking. If Sal Ly, Crinerry and every other artiste put up Mr. Murph’s non-challant attitude towards gaining some international acceptance, then I guess African sound will really be struggling so hardly to cross-over to the mainstream.

And aside African music crossing-over, Mr. Murph should have upped his game a lot more than he has done. Mentioning the top 5 successful artistes(Money made) in the north, it used to be Mr. Murph and other great guys, but now Mr. Murph’s position in that league is shaky and this is majorly due to the fact that he is feeling too comfortable with what he is, how he is and what he has achieved so far.

He recently dropped a single titled, “NO PRESS SPOIL”(His personal Movement) and i could sense that i miss that side of Mr. Murph artistry as the track showed how excellent a singer he is. The rapping seems not to be working for him anymore but he is so lucky he’s an artiste that is blessed with versatility. He should capitalise on that blessing and get us back to the genesis of Mr. Murph but more in a reformed and robust way.

I don’t know if he’s comfortable with the local market, but I feel he could still take a shot at the international market and be successful.

(And this is personally to Mr. Murph) You are a prolific singer, collaborate more and when I mean collaborate more, not with artistes in Jos or the core northern ones, do songs with the international guys, start with Burna Boy, Popcaan, Chronixx, Cassanova, Stormzy, etc. then gradually move on to Lil Baby, Rae Sremmurd, Lil Pump etc. create a new Mr. Murph and let’s enjoy that new you!

Do You feel also that Mr. Murph should have a go at the International market???
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