Since we first started posting on some weeks ago, the name has elicited some reactions that was perhaps anticipated.

The word “toto” has made it all the more crazy. In my article “Toto is trending on twitter” I questioned how the word “Toto”came about as a vulgar word. I still don’t know.

Some of my friends informed me that they’re scared of what they might find on the site. Sometimes we post some really outrageous headlines. I think they’re mostly screamers, the headlines are simply a “notice me or I die” kind of headlines. As every headline should be really.

As a team, we agree that shitoto is a form of art outlet that allows creatives in the literary sphere to imagine and create.

The main aim of is to bring to light the diverse thoughts that manifest when people think of sex.

Conversations around sex and related matters have been near taboo, talking about sex has been relegated to the dark realms of immorality and viewing sex as an art may likely get me ostracized from my local fellowship.

So to me, is a movement. A challenge to our puritanical way of thought. Almost everyone has sex, but talking about how we want to have it is a problem. You see us all copying porn stars which is not a problem really, but we forget the other persons feelings as well.

Well, is here for you. The thing with a lot of art is that it’s based largely on imagination, some experience from experienced fellows and more imagination gotten from books.

Importantly though, we are all allowed to see it as we want. There’s no hard and fast rule. Except of course if your member chooses to be hard.

I’ve asked a male virgin I know “Guy, what if you marry and realize the toto was thrash?” Stupid boy refused to answer.

I asked a packaged girl how she does it, she says “I think of my bills that remain unpaid”.

I asked a fuck boy how he does it, and he says “for the fun of it”.

Ultimately, everyone has a method.

Our conversation is to crowdsource how it’s all done. wants to talk.


What Shitoto Means to Me.

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