1. Sex is Natural!

I know, I know. Your morality has been insulted. We all have that moral bone that hardens like a dick when we start discussing about your inglorious act.

The truth is, I am on a crusade. I’ll recommend you view it from the angle of the crusaders army. Swords, crossbows, burning at the stakes, pillory punishments and the sort of thing.

My aim is simple, to raise awareness about the naturalness of sex. I admit I have my own selfish interest in this campaign, and I am sorry.

To start with, the first thing that happens to me is my junior overflowing with blood every morning. Before I’ve even woken up properly! Dear guys, if you need a sign, the lord in his wisdom gave us one. It’s like the good news in the morning you wanted. Your varicosed parts busting with pride.

I don’t know if that of girls happens every morning, but one thing is certain, the end of month punishment for not fertilizing those eggs can be gruesome. I want to imagine there’s a “feel good” endorphin that flows into the bossom every morning.

Nature is not subtle when it comes to sex. A hard dick, a wet pussy. Nature must be bipolar! How do you reconcile hard and wet? How do you envision two bodies moving in or out of unison to share a moment??

Chickens making out is the funniest shit you’ll witness I assure you. The cock chasing the hen, then that pluck on the head, then three seconds later nature is smiling at itself in glorious accomplishment.

The delicious insanity that enlivens life.

I know y’all are good people. Its like a scar on your conscience, you close your eyes when chickens are doing their business. Me? Na, I witness nature in all its glory.

Have you ever wondered how life would have been if humans had a heat period? Like quarterly, all humans can only get it within a week in the quarter. On second thought, let me leave this deranged thought where it is. I grew flaccid just imagining it.

So for the past few weeks, the lockdown has caused a lot of us to revirginize. I had to stop chatting with some people cause the konji that’s disturbing me refused to wear PPE.

Have you ever participated in a display so gorgeous as two bodies entangled in unfathomable patterns, birthing life in an act so natural even the heavens stop to admire?

While you’re thinking of two, my head is already on a menagè a trois, outside under the starry sky listening to synchronized random acts.

Have you ever been caught committing an act deemed as corrupting public morals by the cops? I know a lot of you have car sex stories. We will discuss that one in the days to come.

The contrast between morality and natural is just annoying.

Can we just go back to the traditional era? The extraordinarily sexually explicit dancing. Like, is there a connection with the clothes and the sex and the dance?

We’ll continue to discuss this mellifluous thoughts tomorrow.

Viva la Revolution

The people has risen we’re free again
Come out of the closet
Come out of the hole
Come out of the woodwork
Come into the fold . . .
Open your windows
Open your doors
Open your minds
To a freedom of thought
Raise our voices, raise our flag
Smash the symbols of the life never had
Long live the symbols
Long live the scheme
Long live our hopes
Long live the dream
Dance in the streets at the carnival
Celebrate the victory now
Drink the wine from the rich man’s cask
This revolution won’t be the last.


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