The Nigerian job environment is nothing but an institutional slavery for workers.

Finding work in this country is almost a mission impossible. You spend your life savings trying to earn, secure or pay your way to it. Most times it ends up in regrets and on the few occasions you make the cut, you become a slave.

Nigerian workers endure the harshest of work conditions; breaking laws and abusing the code of conducts and sometimes engaging in illegal activities just to produce results for employers in order to keep their names on the pay roaster.

Salaries are owed for years, privileges are no longer enjoyed by workers. Pensions have been looted and the men who have laboured for this country with all honour, dignity and diligence keep dying of hunger, as the country looks away. Promotions have been auctioned to the highest bidder depending on which currency -cash, ‘kind’, religion and even ethnicity.

The young no longer have a future as honourable workers in their father land while their fathers look back in regret or what could have been, if only this country had been ruled by honourable men.

The politicians have destroyed the future of work in our country and those who should speak (Unions, civil societies and Media) have spent more time picking crumbs from the dinning table than speaking for the other comrades waiting outside the hall.

But in all, the Nigerian worker looks to the sky in gratitude and hope for a better tomorrow. The Nigerian worker whispers to self that “It is well.”

Dedicating this post to my late Dad for being a Nigerian worker during his days and also to my SWEET MOTHER who served Nigeria as a civil servant for 35 years.


  1. Agbutun Sammozbi Ayalo
    May 1, 2020
Categories: Editorial Opinion

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