Youth: Economic Empowerment through decent work | With David Daser @OluwaDaser, Director General, Plateau State Information Communication technology Development Agency.

If you missed the tweetchat, follow the #AmbChat hashtag on twitter for the Q&A…. Or go through the chat excerpt below:

Q1. How can government support young people’s greater access to decent work and productive employment? #AmbChat

Thank you @Princeponfa there are a whole of conversation in the space of goal 8. Decent work and productive employment. I would love to keep an emphasis on what government is currently piloting courtesy the Governor @sblalong and my agency @Pictda_ng.

Government is also looking at citing job experience centres with hubs furnished with free internet to work conveniently. While this is at the digital frontier, there other newer initiatives coming up to really cushion the effect of unemployment in Plateau state.

We had a meeting with the governor to how we can evolve our digital skills program. The governor spoke to the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy @DrIsaPantami and if you know him too well, you will know he is a minister that backed words with action.

The answers to all the questions are skills, skills, skills and skills. Government is looking at equiping its citizens with skills not just any skill but sellable skills. This is where we are.

Where do we evolve with code plateau? The answer is towards remote job placements with companies all over the world. When we give this skills, government is planning towards going extra mile to secure remote placements for these youths. We are kickstarting with 470 placements.

I would also note that the covid pandemic has put us on our toes towards thinking out of the box. The question of how we gradually open up our economy to prosperity topped our reasoning.

So it is a tripartite support:

1. Education

2. Access

3. Environment

This we hope to spark a new way of placing young people in Jobs. Soft skills and placements. Thank you and that is all.  

Q2. What are the steps to renew and strengthen efforts towards decent work for young people? #AmbChat

I think somehow I have answered this..

1. Create a pool of people with talents

2. Create basic support infrastructure where business can thrive on

3. Incentivise businesses to cite their offices or HQ in Plateau State.

So I would love to take this one at time citing examples

Good roads, we already have NESCO power. If we have great support infrastructure with readily available skills or man power then Govt can put up incentives like tax regime and other things.

So it is vital that through @Pictda_ng and @plasmeda a lot of critical mass of talents are bin churned out on monthly basis. I know we can do better but this is in the long run. The Governor @sblalong made this a policy priority in this tenure and so we are on point.

Secondly, internet infrastructure penetration is still very low until now, the Governor @sblalong is granting free right of way to telecoms who want to lay fibre optics across the state. This is a critical infrastructure.

If you look at our situation at the moment, we do not have enough companies that can employ our youths. Yes, even when we had, there weren’t enough people that fit certain job description and so these companies had to import hands from outside the state.

Let’s take an example on support infrastructure, when Opay came into Plateau State. They employed a lot of people, they eventually had problems with the map of Plateau State, this affected their pricing. Imagine we already had a street naming and house numbering system in place.

Opay left Plateau state and rendered a good number of people unemployed. That is all for this question unless you sight another question from what I have raised.

Q3. What is the balanced approach to stimulate the youth labour demand and prompt improvement in skill development systems? #AmbChat

Looks like I have seen all your questions!!! Lol

There is no demand without the companies, there will be no companies with the critical mass of talents to be employed and good govt policies.

The balance approach is have a critical mass of talents, good government policies and government support for innovations that create markets in the words of @EfosaOjomo

When we have markets that would pull back infrastructure development or government policies that builds soft infrastructures that supports innovations. This and this only can stimulate the youth labour demand and prompt improvement in skill development systems. Thank you.

There are several derelict industries or companies that have been revived by this government. Which one particularly do you refer to? Restructuring of the economy takes place at the macro economy level.

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