#AmbChat- COVID19: Community Collaboration During The Pandemic | With Hon. Joshua Ubandoma Laven @Ujlaven, Chairman, Langtang North.

If you missed the tweetchat, follow the #AmbChat hashtag on twitter for the Q&A…. Or go through the chat excerpt below:

Q1. Who are most impacted by the pandemic in your community? #AmbChat

The most impacted in our community are the security agencies who have demonstrated their commitment in saving souls.

Also not only the security personals, our Taroh proud sons and daughters have greatly contributed a lot.

We also as leaders are not finding this easy because most People are not use to restriction, so it is very difficult to in-force such orders, couple with the hunger associated with the restrictions.- Hon. Joshua Ubandoma Laven

Q2. What Kind of support and help is needed in your community?

Public awareness is highly needed, facemarks, hand sanitizers, Palliatives for the needy(Poor of the Poorest), PPE kits for our health workers who are the most vulnerable.

Not just facemarks, other support needed are foodstuffs such as rice, beans, corn etc.  And as a local Govt we have made provisions to assist some of the vulnerable households who are in dear need. Other philanthropists also assisted.- Hon. Joshua Ubandoma Laven

Q3. What role can leaders (Faith Based, Political, Activist etc) Play during this pandemic? #AmbChat

They have great role in fact they are the role models of the community, their role is very important.

All the leaders must cooperate with each other to defeat this deadly Pandemic, their role is very key. For the faith based Organization; they have more responsibilities because they are the most closest to the People In the communities.

The faith based also commands a lot of influence over their subjects, more than the Political leaders because of their proximity, so if they add their voice to this fight it makes it easier for all of us, this is where the collaborations is highly needed to fight the pandemic.

Not just this two but the traditional Rulers can’t be left out, because they command a lot of respect, and all are involved which is why we in Taroh Nation are making a lot of progress because of the collaborative effort of everyone.- Hon. Joshua Ubandoma Laven

Q4. Why is it important now more than ever for communities and organizations to work collectively to address this pandemic? #AmbChat

We are truly not prepared as a nation, common PPE kits are not available, our hospital are not equipped, in-fact even our Scientists have not answered to our problems.

What is important more than ever is to first look into Personal hygiene as a factor, and also collaborate,  look for possible way to prevent future occurrence, and for the Organizations we need to improve on our healthcare facilities because we are caught off guard.

The Madagascar formular is an example of such collaborations.- Hon. Joshua Ubandoma Laven

Q5. During this pandemic, what kind of community collaboration are you seeing around you? #AmbChat

I did enjoyed a lot of community collaborations, my team where superb, they were up and doing, very committed to the fight. They are the best support I have ever had.

The VGN and other Security agency roles are commendable and the health Personals, and my media crew in fact they are the bomb, above all the Taroh People are so compliant, which makes it a-lot more easier for us.

In fact the whole communities cut across Langtang are willing to report any strange person who just came into the community to us, that is how committed they are.- Hon. Joshua Ubandoma Laven

Thanks for having me on this platform looking forward to see more of this brilliant interactions.- Hon. Joshua Ubandoma Laven

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