There’s this silly habit a lot of bros have started doing. Misconstruing our good code to leave room for weasel excuses and heinous acts.

It is true that it is part of the code for a bro to excuse a fellow bro who is having a tète à tète with a damsel in his house or in our house.

It is also true that bros high five each other when the bro gets some action going with the damsel. Though we also know of bros who lie that they got some while they didn’t get any.

Dear bros this is to remind us; WE DO NOT TOLERATE RAPE NOR SHIELD RAPISTS. When a damsel is in distress from our bro we intervene, beat the shit out of him, and de list him as a bro.

It shames us that a lot of bros have relinquished their duties of intervention to God in heaven. Shame on you if your bro commits the detestable act of rape in your presence and you shield him instead of beat and expose him.

A bro who rapes loses his brohood immediately and becomes a war criminal. 

There is no code that extends to criminality.

Rape is a heinous blot to a community and it has sadly thrived because of bros who keep quiet assuming they’re complying to the omerta code of silence. Bros must be reminded that it does not extend to rapists.

Silence is not the answer to this bros.

No bro must allow his premises to be used for such sacrilege.

A bro is duty bound to pull a 6ix9ine on a former bro who commits rape.

Finally, the deepest parts of hell are reserved for bros who give weasel excuses for rapists like “she dressed indecently”.

Rape is Not Normal. Keeping quiet about rape is not in our nature.

Photocredit: Alexis Nanmwa Dadi

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